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Operation Laughter

It's Jared's birthday and the gang from All Saints are ready to party! They've organised all sorts of treats for Jared—the first of which is a raunchy stripper.

Being the centre of a stripper's attention is embarrassing enough, but the fact she's dressed as a nun doesn't help. After all, Jared's superior, Terri Sullivan (played by Georgie Parker), is a nun—and she's not impressed!

"Of course he's worried, but he didn't hire the stripper and there's not much he can do," Ben Tari (who plays Jared) says.

"He's dying to know who hired her… but if anyone from the hospital did, they're not saying."

Jared's birthday celebrations are just one of many storylines in this week's drama-packed episode.

There are patients who are ill, some who are dying and many who just want their hands held. The All Saints staff have their work cut out for them. But then, what's new?

They're a busy lot," Ben says, laughing. "But luckily they work well under pressure."

The characters work hard, play hard and enjoy each other's company and so do the actors who bring them to life.

Right now, Georgie is giggling and she can't stop. She's hunched over, her shoulders heaving and, to be honest, she doesn't seem to even know what she's laughing about any more.

Ben and castmate Jeremy Cumpston (Connor) are chortling along with her. Sharing a laugh is not unusual, but when you consider this trio spend up to 12 hours a day working together you'd understand if they never wanted to see one another again.

"We get along extremely well, thank goodness. Can you imagine if we didn't?" Georgie says. "I guess part of it is because we come from similar backgrounds, we've all trained at drama school, we all respect one another's work, but, most of all, it's just that we like each other."

Her statements ring true. During TV WEEK's interview the three hug, chat and are constantly poking fun at one another. They ask each other's advice, listen carefully to answers and obviously care deeply about one another.

"I think they (the producers) chose us (to star in All Saints) not only because we can act, but also they knew we would get along well," Ben says.

"And I think our closeness comes across on screen."

Whether it's their acting skills, their closeness or something else, it's working. All Saints garnered a large viewing audience during its first weeks and has held on to many of them.

Jeremy believes the series' success is due to many things, but mainly because its characters are so likable.

"These are characters that you can't help but like and you want the best for them," he says. "You can see where they're coming from and you can relate to many of their experiences."

Plus, this is a hospital drama unlike any other in Australia.

"It has a new look, a new feel and it has been taken from an angle that has never been done before," Georgie says. "It has a fantastic cast, brilliant guest stars and impressive scripts. What more could you ask for?"

As far as these three are concerned, not much. They are working on a show they love and they are working alongside one another, which they clearly adore.

By Kelly Baker
week of July 04, 1998
TV Week