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All Saints stars Allison Cratchley, Jolene "Naughty Nurse" Anderson and Chris Vance.

Naughty nurse no saint

SHE'S known as the "naughty nurse" on Australian hit drama series All Saints, but she now wants to recreate her image and settle down.

Jolene Anderson plays nurse Erica Templeton on the show, and confessed that she wants to tie the knot.

"I would like to get married and wear a wedding dress," she said.

"Everyone loves a wedding, why not."

The nickname "naughty nurse" has stuck after a guest actor gave her the name.

But Anderson seems far from a "naughty nurse."

In real-life she's a down-to-earth country girl from Kempsey in New South Wales, and she loves her role on the show.

"It's brilliant right now," she said.

"We've got get directors, great actors and great guest actors.

"A lot of people have made comments the show is evolving and changing."

But she admits it would be extremely difficult if she played a doctor on All Saints.

"If I was a doctor on the show, it would be a big headache," she says.

"The stories are real stories, they're tough.

"I'm from the country and people say "that doesn't happen" but of course it doesn't in the country."

She first appeared on the show in April this year and it's her first major acting role.

October 04, 2006
By Sophie Elsworth
The Advertiser