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Saints Go Marching In

The wait is over! Australia's hottest dramas and some sizzling new shows are about to burst onto our screens. TV WEEK gives you a sneak peek of what you can look forward to this year. Compiled by John Burfitt, Erin Craven, Suzanne Briscoe and Jason Herbison.

Where we left off:
During labour, Rose (Joy Smithers) asked her new husband Mitch (Erik Thomson) why he and Terri (Georgie Parker) split up all those years ago. When Terri told Mitch the truth about why they separated, he was angry and hurt. Meanwhile, Terri admitted that she made a major mistake in letting Mitch go. Bron (Libby Tanner) decided to quit the ambulance service and return to full-time nursing when she realised she had feelings for Ben (Brian Vriends).

What to watch out for:
After their confrontation, Mitch and Terri find it increasingly hard to work together. Meanwhile, Bron's gambling problems see her hit rock bottom. As Mitch devotes his life to Rose and their baby Lucy, Terri realises that it's time to move on with her own life.

Faces to watch:
With Bron returning to full-time nursing, Ben has a new partner - trainee Scott Zinenko (Conrad Coleby). A bit of a larrikin, he proves to be more than a handful for Ben! When Terri goes on leave, Kate Larsen (Sonia Todd) takes over her job. Kate is a bit of a legend in the nursing fraternity, but can she live up to her reputation? Zoe Carides returns to her role as pregnant cancer patient Sarah, determined to sue the company that exposed her to asbestos poisoning, while John Howard guest-stars as Sarah's QC.


TV Week
week of Jan 22, 2001