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MacIntosh ready for new role

ALL Saints star Tammy MacIntosh is about to enter into her biggest production yet - motherhood.

"I'd fantasised about it but I'd never really imagined I would be a mum," said MacIntosh, 36, who is expecting her first child on July 18.

The gorgeous actress, who plays Dr Charlotte Beaumont on All Saints, will take 12 weeks off the hit show to adjust to motherhood.

Her character will also become pregnant on the show, but MacIntosh said she was unsure whether her child would star in the series.

"I feel as if it's a boy," said the actress, who admitted she has driven her husband to distraction with her food cravings.

"He has been gorgeous. I had cravings for dahl first thing in the morning - and there aren't too many Indian restaurants open at 8am.

"I moved on to spicy pies and Royal Gala apples. Now, I'm getting through half a tub of Homer Hudson chocolate rock ice-cream every night."

MacIntosh, who married television producer Mark Yeats in October last year, said if she had a boy she would name him Benjamin. She said she found the prospect of giving birth daunting.

"I got scared for the first time at baby classes when they showed a birth video," she said.

"The closer I get to it, the more worried I am that I won't be any good at being a mother."

By Phillip Koch
July 09, 2006
The Sunday Telegraph