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Chris Gabardi

DR LOVE… Chris Gabardi.

Love-starved doctor on a slippery slope

ALL Saints doctor Vincent Hughes has had enough.

He married Charlotte Beaumont only to discover she was gay; then he married Karen, who was killed in a landmine, and discovered Charlotte was pregnant to another man. Then he fell for an intern who was killed.

Now, Chris Gabardi, who plays the handsome doctor, says his character is lashing out.

“Vincent has been the most unlucky man in love, he’s gone through tragedy and now he’s going to go crazy,” 36-year-old Gabardi says. “He’s on a self-destruction mission.”

Vincent’s downfall comes as the All Saints crew celebrates the 300th episode and there will be plenty to keep viewers interested.

Expect to see Vincent’s stalker, Beth, making many surprise appearances.

Gabardi says playing a doctor on a series such as All Saints is a challenge in more ways than one.

“The medical terminology is a great challenge because you have to spout all that stuff quickly as if you have been doing it all your life,” he says.

“And as an actor I can’t really learn lines unless I know what I’m talking about.”

Gabardi says the physical action of the drama is important also because real nurses and surgeons complain if a procedure is carried out incorrectly.

“We do try to be as medically accurate as possible but there is a lot of laughing which can get pretty out of control,” he says.

Gabardi says one of the highlights of working on All Saints is being a part of the impressive cast. “John Howard brings a bizarre sense of humour to the show and bends his lines as well, which means it’s always surprising. He’s hilarious,” Gabardi says.

Gabardi plans to commit to All Saints for another two years, and have children with his partner, art therapist Hali.

“My nieces and nephews think it’s hilarious that I play a doctor on TV and are always laughing about it,” he says.

By Madeline Healy
March 10, 2005
The Courier Mail