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Budd and Traval

Bringing some nastiness to the small screen… Sybilla Budd with Wil Traval.

All Saints enjoy a little devil

WITH the likes of car bombings, terrorist attacks and psycho ex-girlfriends causing chaos in the wards of All Saints hospital, it's no wonder script writers of the Seven series needed to introduce another nurse to help mop up the mess.

Enter Sybilla Budd.

The former Secret Life of Us star will mark her return to the small screen as All Saints' feisty nursing unit manager Deanna Richardson.

And by the look of their on-camera chemistry, Deanna is set to spice up proceedings with Wil Traval's dashing Dr Quade. "Anything is possible with her," Budd said during her first day on set yesterday.

Budd's straighty-one-eighty character Gab may have shot her to fame in Secret Life, but she wouldn't stand a chance against the ambitious Deanna.

"She's very cunning and will stop at nothing to get her way, irrespective of who she pulls down in the process," Budd said.

August 26, 2005
The Daily Telegraph