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Is terri a killer?

Rose is found dead on All Saints, and Terri is the prime suspect.

When Rose Stevens is found dead, floating face down in her swimming pool, Terri is one of the lead suspects in the murder investigation, on explosive eps of All Saints.

Considering Terri's erratic behaviour since the death of her husband Mitch, few of her friends and colleagues would be surprised to discover that she has cracked and killed her nemesis. As prime suspect in the murder, Terri's past comes back to haunt her for the second time in recent years as she fights to prove her innocence.

On coming eps, Terri's colleagues witness a vicious fight between Terri and Rose, Mitch's ex-wife who has enjoyed making Terri's life hell. It appears to them that Terri has finally snapped as she attacks the thorny, brittle Rose. While Rose initiated the fight, it's Terri who's determined to finish it. Her colleagues are stunned as they witness their usually sedate Head Nurse use all her force to assault Rose, who soon beats a hasty retreat home.

Afterwards Terri comes to her senses and is horrified by what has taken place. She realises her feud with Rose has gone too far and must be resolved -immediately. Feeling shame and embarrassment, she tells her good friend Von that she's going to visit Rose at home to settle the matter.

When Terri arrives at the house, no one is home. She wonders whether it's worth waiting for Rose, but decides instead to leave. Unknown to Terri, Rose IS home but she'll never be able to resolve their differences. She's dead, drowned in her backyard pool.

Once word of Rose's death reaches All Saints, it's initially assumed that she committed suicide. Hospital CEO Colin is certain he drove her to it by ending their affair, while Terri wonders if it was their fight that pushed her over the edge.

Rose's mother Victoria collapses with an angina attack on hearing of her daughter's demise and is rushed to All Saints Western General. Terri is forced to confront the icy matriarch as she lashes out over losing her daughter. Victoria reveals that Rose had just one wish, that Terri would never gain custody of Lucy, the daughter she had with Mitch.

When the results of Rose's autopsy are in, they reveal the disturbing news that Rose was murdered. The police arrive and ask Terri to help them with their investigation, but it becomes apparent that she's their prime suspect. The evidence is stacked against her. She had motive—her long running feud with Rose—and she had already attacked her adversary once that day. Terri was also the last known person to be at Rose's house before the gruesome discovery was made.

Colleagues of the distressed Head Nurse must admit to investigators that they witnessed Terri attack Rose and saw her leave the hospital for Rose's home. As she begins to look increasingly guilty, Terri desperately wonders how she'll ever be able to prove her innocence. It's not the first time she's been accused of murder, either. Previously, she was the prime suspect in the slaying of a disturbed patient who tried to rape her—a fact that won't be ignored.

On top of all this, the police investigation dredges up further damning evidence that could utterly destroy Terri's reputation.

It looks like Rose Stevens will prove more damaging to Terri Sullivan in death than she ever was in life.

By John Burfitt
TV Soap
June 16, 2003