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All Saints investigated for Down Syndrome incest claim

THE popular television show All Saints is facing legal action after insinuating children with Down syndrome stem from incest.

Down syndrome families are outraged and demanding a public apology by Channel 7.

The Daily Telegraph has learned the advocacy group, Down Syndrome Australia, is also lobbying major advertisers to boycott the show.

The group has sought legal advice and is lodging formal complaints with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission and Federal Government ministers.

In the "highly offensive" episode, which aired on May 27, a brother and sister who were having an incestuous relationship were told their unborn child was likely to have Down syndrome as a consequence.

"All Saints has stigmatised every person with Down syndrome and their families," said Dr Peter Sloan of Down Syndrome Australia.

"We already know of one instance where a child has been victimised because of this episode."

Producers of All Saints deny any wrongdoing.

But leading geneticist Dr David Amor at Murdoch Children's Research Institute said, "There is absolutely no increase in the risk of Down syndrome for the offspring of incestuous relationships."

June 02, 2008
The Daily Telegraph