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Michaela Noonan and Tamblyn Lord

Holding back the tears

When All Saints psychiatrist Peter Morrison is called on to counsel a man who may lose his wife, it's all he can do to hold back the tears.

It's a situation Peter knew would occur sooner or later, but he was hoping for later.

After all, he is only just coming to grips with the death of his own wife.

"It's tough for him, because counselling someone else means he is forced to face up to his own reality," Andrew McKaige, who plays Peter, says. "Suddenly he is in a similar situation to a lot of the people he is counselling, so his words really ring true. The more counselling he does, the more he has to face up to a few home truths."

In this instance, it's hard as there are many similarities.

Craig Allen adores his wife, Julie (Tamblyn Lord and Michaela Noonan, pictured) and their new baby, but it seems their fairy tale romance might be over. Peter knows how Craig feels. He adored his wife and now he's raising their children alone.

"It's tough for him to help Craig—it means he has to call on all of his strength," Andrew says.

While life is tough for Peter, things are going well for Andrew.

He is loving his role and is thrilled to be a part of All Saints.

"It's a wonderful show," he says. "It has every element—great writing, great actors, great directors, producers, crew.

"If this show doesn't work, then it's not for lack of trying. It's got everything."

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June 27, 1998