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Georgie Parker

Popular Australian actor Georgie Parker has been playing nurses for so long she'd almost know what to do in a medical emergency! Her portrayal of nurse Lucy Gardiner on A Country Practice won her Silver Logies for three years running in the early '90s—as well as the hearts of Australian viewers.

Almost 10 years down the track, she's now been promoted to the role of Nursing Unit Manager. On All Saints she plays the charming and well-respected Terri Sullivan.

Georgie says that when she read the script she was immediately attracted to the role, seeing it as the perfect launching pad to get back into television. It was a good decision, as the role snared her the prestigious Gold Logie in 2000.

"I had no concerns about playing another television nurse," she says. "After all, how many actors play policemen or lawyers three or four times in their careers?"

During the years between the two shows, Georgie "escaped" the daily grind of television drama and channelled her acting prowess into theatrical productions. She played several lead roles in a whirlwind of musicals, including Crazy for You, High Society and The Threepenny Opera.

Sydney-born and raised, Georgie grew up taking ballet and singing lessons. When she was eight she took part in a school pantomime and immediately realised acting was the thing for her.

When she's not on the set of All Saints, Georgie is either catching up with friends or spending time with her family. She also likes to keep fit by going to the gym. And although she is an acclaimed actor with hordes of adoring fans, she doesn't mind just going to the movies and theatre—admiring others doing what she does best!

Carlo Velayo