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Georgie sheds Saintly image

Small-screen siren Georgie Parker, aka Nurse Terri Sullivan, will be permanently discharging herself from the Seven Network’s hospital drama All Saints early next year.

After six years and two Gold Logies, the enormously popular Parker has decided she won’t sign on for another term as the former nun when her All Saints contract expires next March.

The incandescent brunette, who celebrates her 40th birthday in December, has clearly decided that there is life outside the soapie.

She has taken a role opposite Max Cullen in the Sydney Theatre Company’s production of Scenes From A Separation, which opens on October 30.

Parker will follow that gig with a key part in the Ensemble Theatre’s new-season production of Neil Simon’s comedy Act Two.

Parker has also begun to merchandise her name, with her first collection of sleepwear, Georgie, available next week at K mart stores.

Not nearly as provocative as Kylie Minogue’s or Elle Macpherson’s intimates ranges, the Georgie collection is described as “versatile, vibrant and low-maintenance”.

Pretty much like the woman behind them, actually…

Parker’s departure from All Saints will be a serious blow to the series.

But she’s unlikely to be tempted back—mainly because of the gruelling hours and the lack of challenge involved in playing the same role.

And although Parker is leaning towards theatre work, she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of working in films—just as long as her characters have some substance.

By Ros Reines
October 24, 2004
The Sunday Telegraph