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Georgie Parker

Georgie Returns!

Georgie Parker is set to return to All Saints! After taking time off to give birth to her baby daughter, Georgie is ready to resume her popular role as Terri. She gave the lowdown on what's coming up for Terri, and also gave us a peek into how she's coping with life as a new mum!

When Terri returns from holiday, she is caught off-guard by Rose's new attitude towards her. According to Georgie, Rose "tries to be friends with Terri and goes into this denial phase that we ever had any problems, so she's a very frustrating person to be around". Rose even goes so far as to set Terri up on a date! Is this a ploy to get Terri to move on from Mitch? Absolutely! "She tries to set me up to get me out of the way" laughs Georgie.

However, don't expect too see too many changes for Terri just yet. "She comes back with a more relaxed attitude, but she's still the same person and she has the same issues and problems," says Georgie. "But at the same time, she's still a young woman and she wants to get out there. She's torn."

How does Mitch feel about Terri's return? "He's trying… But once you hold a flame for someone it never diminishes I suppose. I don't think Mitch and Terri have ever really dealt with why they broke up," Georgie reveals.

So how is Georgie coping with motherhood? "I can't even begin to tell you just how much support you need. Being a working mother is a terrific name for it because you're a mother who works. With a woman, you're always a mother, and when you work it's very hard to separate the two roles that you play… As far as I am concerned, you try to squish two lives into one, so that's what it feels like!"

TV Week
April 17, 2001
Photo: Steve Brack, Channel 7.