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Falling Down

Rose (Joy Smithers) is losing control, in this week's season finale of popular medical drama All Saints. Afraid of what might happen, she calls her husband Mitch, played by Erik Thomson, at work. Mitch immediately sets off for home, but on the way he's forced to stop and help out at the scene of a bad car smash. Not only is one victim severely injured, but another who walks away is subsequently arrested. Worse still, one of the ambulance operators is unwell and unable to help, leaving Mitch working on the injured man while aware that time is passing and he's no closer to Rose.

Meanwhile, Rose calls Terri (Georgie Parker) in search of Mitch, and Terri is alarmed by Rose's progressive lack of focus and slurred speech. Terri goes over, only to find Rose lying on the floor, almost unconscious.

Before leaving the ward, Terri has a difficult day dealing with a complaint from Malcolm, who thinks Von, an enrolled nurse, should not be caring for a patient suffering post-caesarean complications. Paula—played by newcomer Jenny Baird—is called in to take over, and she jumps to defend Von's professional capabilities. It's also Malcolm's last day, and he's still trying to convince Terri to go with him. What does she decide to do? And, more importantly, will Rose survive?

Catch the final All Saints for 2001, Tuesday 8.30pm, on Seven.

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November 2001

Has Rose gone too far?

Things have never run smoothly for Rose Stevens (Joy Smithers). Her marriage to Mitch (Erik Thomson) did little to lessen her insecurity about his relationship with his former girlfriend, Terri Sullivan (Georgie Parker).

The fact that Mitch and Terri work together at All Saints Hospital only enhanced Rose's jealousy. This paranoia, combined with Rose's mental instability, has meant that her marriage is far from ideal. This week in the season finale of All Saints, has Rose finally gone too far?

In yet another attempt to get her husband's attention, Rose overdoses on sleeping pills. While Mitch is delayed from rushing to his wife's side, it's her enemy Terri who comes to the rescue!

"Rose doesn't sound well when she calls looking for Mitch. Her speech is slurred… Terri knows that she's home alone with Lucy, so she rushes off to see if they are ok," says Georgie.

When Terri arrives, she puts aside her personal feelings and tries to do all she can to help Rose. Mitch arrives home to find a bizarre situation. As Georgie explains, "The mother of his child is critically ill and the woman he loves is trying to save her."

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November 21, 2001