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The day from hell

Gunman Greg is on the rampage in All Saints… and Charlotte and Terri are his targets

This heart-stopping season finale of hit Seven Network drama All Saints culminates in a horrific scene of carnage as a psychopath goes on a murderous shooting spree at All Saints Western General Hospital. Will his targets, Ward 17 favourite Dr Charlotte Beaumont and much-loved nursing unit manager Terri Sullivan, get out of this one alive?

The gunman is none other than disturbed former hospital cleaner Greg Roberts (Brett Stiller), who is out for revenge after being dismissed from his job in the first part of this gripping double episode.

Greg is also coming to get the woman he is convinced let him down—Charlotte (Tammy MacIntosh). An obsessive loner, Greg formed a close connection with her when she befriended him.

He searches for the doctor, but before he finds her he runs into Terri (Georgie Parker) in a stairwell… and points the gun directly at her head!

We can't tell you what happens to Terri, but we can reveal that some of the most popular faces from All Saints will be shot during this day from hell.

"Terri tries to keep walking, when she comes across Greg," Georgie says. "It's a surreal moment. She keeps talking. It's like trying to not aggravate a lion.

"Greg just wants to be loved and noticed by Charlotte," says the two-time TV Week Gold Logie winner. "He will do whatever he can to get to her, and anyone who stands in his way he hurts."

Believing there is no alternative, Charlotte tries to lure Greg away from Ward 17 by presenting herself to him.

"At first, when Greg is making his way through the hospital, Charlotte doesn't know what he's doing," Tammy says.

"It's when she gets to the ward that Terri says, 'Charlotte, it's Greg. He's looking for you, he's screaming for you!' And then we hear these shots go off."

Certain she is the only one who can put an end to the massacre, Charlotte ignores Terri's pleas not to go out and face Greg.

"There's a really beautiful moment where Terri is telling her she can't go," Tammy says. "But Charlotte says, 'If I don't, everyone we know and love will get shot.'

"It was heartbreaking. In my mind, it was like it was the last time I was ever going to see Terri, that I was ever going to see Georgie. It was one and the same.

"It's an incredible place for actors to take themselves to," Tammy says. "You take each other to a place that hopefully none of us will ever have to experience."

Tammy has the utmost respect for her fellow cast members, including the man who has brought the crazed Greg to life.

"Brett Stiller has brought amazing menace to the last few episodes," she says. "He's been a pleasure to work with.

"He's going to be huge, that boy. He's just insanely talented."

For seasoned performer Tammy, who had already made a name for herself before All Saints in shows such as The Flying Doctors and Police Rescue, this has been an extraordinary storyline.

"It was such a full-on episode to shoot," she says. "In the face of such an unpredictable and violent time, we all got very real about it. It was hard not to hold onto each other as actors playing these characters. It was incredibly confronting."

By Jackie Brygel
November 22, 2003
TV Week