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Working with Terri and his wife as a volatile mix for All Saints' Nelson.

Nelson is torn between two women when Terri starts back at ASWGH on the same day that his troubled wife Leanne arrives to work on Ward 17. During the devastating trauma that Terri has endured recently, Nelson has remained a trusty confidant and reliable second-in-charge.

Having recovered from the breakdown she suffered after Mitch's death, Terri returns to work where Nelson is determined to ensure things run smoothly. But his wife Leanne derails his plains by announcing that she's the new social worker on Ward 17. Suddenly Nelson is torn between his loyalty to Terri and his on-going battle with Leanne over her alcoholism and her refusal to accept that their marriage is over.

"Nelson wants to make everything as easy as possible for Terri, but with Leanne around it's not going to be easy, "says Tassone on the AS set. "He's very fond of Terri and when he sees her in pain and in need, he becomes something of a knight in shining armour. He does everything he can to help out.

"He has no other agenda here - Mitch isn't even cold yet and Terri's a grieving widow, so I don't think Nelson is thinking about making a move!" laughs Tassone. "He's helping out a close friend in need, but there is a bond between them that's special."

With Terri in a fragile state, Nelson knows he must contain his rage towards his wife.

"Leanne is a part of Nelson's life that he had to walk away from. He tried to help her but she wasn't prepared to help herself, so he cut the ties."

While Nelson attempts to keep his temper under control, Leanne's behaviour undermines his best efforts.

"She isn't making things easy for him," explains Tassone. "She's a good social worker but, knowing of Leanne's problems, Nelson's ready to pick on any mistake she makes."

And her biggest error is flirting with nurse Jared.

"That really hurts him," says Tassone. "Even though they're over, there's still a form of love between them. But Nelson also wonders if she's serious about Jared or whether it's just another game."

While Nelson keeps one eye on Leanne, he's got the other trained on Terri to make sure she's coping. But could his watchful eye turn into something romantic?

"Oh, give the woman time to grieve! I think romance is the last thing on her mind," laughs Tassone.

"But Nelson does care about her, so this is a friendship to watch for how it develops."

By John Burfitt
May 05, 2003
TV Soap