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Smithers, Thomson, Parker

Boiling point

It's no secret that All Saints' Rose Stevens (Joy Smithers) and Terri Sullivan (Georgie Parker) have never been friends, but things reach boiling point this week!

The long-running hostility between the two, caused by their love for Mitch (Erik Thomson), has been simmering beneath the surface. However, when Rose returns to All Saints hospital after her recent absence, things reach crisis point.

Rose's behaviour towards Terri at the hospital borders on unprofessional, forcing Terri to issue Mitch an ultimatum: either Rose gets her act together, or she's out! However, Joy claims that it's not all her character's fault! "I don't think Terri is 100 per cent innocent. She's been off with Rose's husband, and I think that Rose senses something went on… because she [Terri] feels guilty about what happened with Mitch, she reacts by threatening to get rid of Rose."

However, Georgie has a different view. "Terri's definitely not feeling guilty… I think Rose feels victimised and she wants to get in first."

Whatever the case, what Rose does to Mitch won't win her any supporters! "I'm going to have people wanting to lynch me… She just wants to hurt Mitch because she's upset that he told Terri about their marriage problems. The first day back has been a bit much for poor old Rose."

TV Week
September 26, 2001
Photos: Steve Brack, Seven Network