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Parker and Climo

Belle of the ball!

The staff of Ward 17 get a rare chance to kick up their heels in this week's episode of All Saints [Episode 148], as the All Saints General Western Hospital holds a charity ball to raise funds for their children's oncology unit. It's a great opportunity for the usually uptight staff get dressed up and let their hair down! And none more so than nurse Terri Sullivan (Georgie Parker).

Terri's blossoming relationship with Dr Malcolm Pussle (Brett Climo) hits new heights, as the couple spend rare quality time together. It looks as though Terri is falling hard for Malcolm.

But romance isn't the only thing on Terri's mind at the ball! Check out this week's issue of TV WEEK to find out what trouble the hapless Dr Kylie Preece gets herself into!

TV Week
June 26, 2001

Joy Smithers

Great expectations!

After her first pregnancy almost pushed her new marriage to Mitch Stevens (Erik Thomson) to the brink, the couple are about to endure even more dramas when Rose announces she is pregnant with their second child in next week's (July 17) episode of the TV Week Logie winning series, All Saints.

"Mitch isn't happy, and that really freaks Rose out," actress Joy Smithers says in TV Week. "She's really confused about his reaction."Rose suffers from bipolar disorder, which can be successfully controlled by medication. But when she is pregnant, she has to go off the medication for the sake of her child. As a result, she suffered from unstable moods, which made life hell for all concerned during her last pregnancy. Mitch now fears the same will happen this time around. "Mitch suddenly feels like his life is suddenly out of control. He feels like he's digging a deeper hole for himself," says Joy.

The All Saints storylines are growing increasingly closer to the real life of Joy Smithers. Last year, Joy announced she was pregnant with her second child—she already has a nine-year-old daughter Sasha—and her pregnancy was quickly written into the show, but first came the on-screen marriage to Mitch. Then Joy followed suit a matter of months later when she married advertising executive Tony Haines. Then the birth of her own child Phoebe and her on-screen child Lucy happened within weeks of each other!

Joy and her co-stars

Joy Smithers is currently sharing most of her All Saints scenes with Erik Thomson (her on-screen husband) and Georgie Parker (her on-screen nemesis). Here are some of her former co-stars—and the list includes more than a few familiar star names!

Emoh Ruo (1985) - Martin Sacks

All The Way (1988) - Dannii Minogue

Bangkok Hilton (1989) - Nicole Kidman

The Seventh Floor (1994) - Brooke Shields

Hearts of Fire (1997) - Patrick Duffy

By John Burfitt
TV Week
July 09, 2001