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Jenni Baird

Newest member in All Saints - JENNI BAIRD

JUST in case you missed this week's episode, All Saints has a new star in the form of stunning Jenni Baird.

She plays the 18-year-old single mum and nurse Paula Morgan.

Jenni, 25, is no stranger to medicine, however, and receives plenty of advice from her dad, who just happens to be a pathologist.

From day one in drama school, Jenni set herself the longtime goal of securing a major role in All Saints. Only 10 months after graduating it's already become a reality.

Jenni, 25, was born and grew up in Sydney with interesting medical conversations over the dinner table with her father who is a specialist in pathology.

"My dad is totally chuffed that I got the job with All Saints and he's bent on giving me medical tips," Jenni says.

Jenni's core status on All Saints sees her join such respected actors as Georgie Parker, Libby Tanner, Judith McGrath and Erik Thomson. She is the first actor in the history of All Saints to be cast as a 'core' member from day one. Typically new cast members initially join the drama on a regular or semi-regular basis and subject to storylines they may eventually be secured a core position.

"This has exceeded my wildest expectations. It's the ultimate wish come true. It also shows that you've got to be careful what you wish for—because in my case I got it! And its what I've been working towards since the beginning."

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