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Red Centre, Part 1

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Episode 1.01
August 2001

Travel with Russell Coight as he heads North to help an old mate with the annual cattle muster. Along the way he searches for some bush tucker, helps a motorist who has run into strife, and offers us many invaluable tips for survival situations in the outback.

Red Centre, Part 2

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Episode 1.02

After giving us some insights into the old Ghan railway, Russell finally arrives at the cattle muster. We get to see his expert country dancing skills and his amazing talents with the whip.


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Episode 1.03

Russell takes us to the magnificent Daintree Rainforest in Northern Queensland and shows us some of the incredible highlights of the area, including the Great Barrier Reef. He also helps out an old mate with a crocodile problem.

High Country, Part 1

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Episode 1.04

In a good intentioned gesture, Russell takes three city kids, Hayley, Justin and Phil, on a tour of the outback. He teaches them valuable lessons so that they will be able to survive in an emergency situation. Russell also helps out two stranded motorists who have become bogged.

High Country, Part 2

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Episode 1.05

Russ introduces the kids to the intricate art of sheep shearing and the safe way to handle and use firearms. Also, they are taught the correct way to set a trap to catch some dinner.


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Episode 1.06

After getting rid of the kids, Russ heads back up to North Queensland for his niece's wedding. Along the way he enters into a fishing competition with some old mates.