The Alice: characters

Brett Stiller as Toby Delaney

A born entrepreneur, Toby and his best mate Michael run a 4WD adventure tour operation. With two leased Land Cruisers and a ton of charisma, they're just starting out, but Toby has complete faith in his future. Always on the lookout for ways to expand the business, Toby can convince himself anything is a good idea. He figures if he has to bend the rules or fudge the truth a little, it's all for a good cause.

A Centralian born and bred, Toby knows the landscape, its beauty and its dangers intimately. He loves the place and can't understand why anyone would want to leave.

He is charming, open and entertaining, so attracting women is easy. It's when things get serious that he finds tricky.

Toby's parents have always been supportive, but he thinks it's time they backed off a little — they're cramping his style.

He has a good heart but under emotional pressure is liable to act rashly and do something he regrets later. He can be infuriating to argue with but it's difficult to stay mad at him for long.

With his parents newly separated, his mum's secret affair about to be exposed and the love of his life, Jess, in a committed relationship, Toby is about to do some serious growing up.

Brett Stiller

After graduating from Theatre Nepean in 2000, Brett Stiller's career began with performances in plays including Falsettos and The Miser for Sydney Theatre Company, Borderlines and Strangers In Between for Griffin Theatre Company and Bash for Glen Street Theatre Company.

His television credits include The Alice telemovie, All Saints, The Postcard Bandit, Farscape and Water Rats.

He appeared in his first feature film, Garage Days, in 2001 and has followed this with Travelling Light and the upcoming FINK.