The Alice: characters

Jessica Napier as Jess Daily

Jess is an excellent nurse with a healthy disrespect for doctors and a passion for skydiving — not the person you would expect to emerge from a hippie upbringing. She adores her nutty mum but has chosen a more conventional path in life.

There is a bit of a golden glow around Jess — she's the kind of person girls want to be friends with and boys want to date. If you were to discover you had a long-lost daughter, as Jack Jaffers has, you'd want her to be Jess.

Jess, on the other hand, is not in the market for a father, especially a flighty ex-rock star like Jack. Having grown up in a single parent family, Jess is grounded and independent with a strong circle of friends and she expects people to be straight with her. As far as she's concerned, Jack blew it when he abandoned her mother.

A loyal friend who can be trusted with her friends' deepest secrets, Jess has a wry sense of humour and a good understanding of what makes people tick. She knows who she is and what she believes. The big question in her mind is, will she make the right choices when it comes to love?

Jessica Napier

The daughter of Australian/New Zealander actor Marshall Napier (McLeod's Daughters), Jessica Napier made her first television appearance in Police Rescue at the age of 10. Her many television credits include Water Rats, Murder Call, Wildside, Echo Point, Stingers, McLeod's Daughters and The Alice telemovie.

She made her film debut in Shirley Barrett's Camera d'Or-winning Love Serenade in 1996 and has gone on to shine in features such as Blackrock, City Loop, Cut and Angst. She played a leading role as Colin Friels' daughter in the 2005 Australian feature The Illustrated Family Doctor and has a small part in the upcoming Ghost Rider, starring Nicholas Cage.