The Alice: characters

Patrick Brammell as Matt Marione

Matt is on a search for his own holy grail — an elusive native plant with medicinal properties. He'd love to make a discovery that saved thousands of lives and benefited all humankind. A bit of fame and glory would be okay too.

In the meantime Matt is working as a locum doctor, a profession he's not sure he's suited to. The whole bedside manner thing is a challenge and he hates delivering bad news. On the other hand, medicine Alice-style is unlike anything he encountered back home and working with traditional communities is proving quite an eye-opener.

When Matt relaxes he's extremely attractive and engagingly oblivious to his appeal. If a girl leans close and gazes into his eyes he puts it down to her desire to learn more about the wonders of the plant world. This is usually enough to convince her he's gay. Should she cut to the chase he's sensible enough to enjoy it.

Matt could hardly contain his surprise when a gorgeous older woman seduced him on the Ghan train and now that they're dating, a whole new world seems to have opened up. Ellie is sexy, intelligent and talented. If only he wasn't sharing a house with her son and estranged husband.

Idealistic and at times overly earnest, Matt doesn't want to do the wrong thing by anyone. Things are about to get very complicated.

Patrick Brammell

Patrick Brammell graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2001. He has performed on stage with the Bell Shakespeare Company in three national tours: The Comedy of Errors (2004), As You Like It (2003) and Actors At Work (schools tour 2002).

In 2005 he wrote his first play, The Suitors, which will be performed at the Old Fitzroy Hotel Theatre in January 2006.

Although he has extensive experience in front of the camera in short films and commercials, The Alice marks his first ongoing role in a TV series.