The Alice: cast

  • Erik Thomson
    as Jack Jaffers

  • Jessica Napier
    as Jess Daily

  • Caitlin McDougall
    as Helen Gregory

  • Brett Stiller
    as Toby Delaney

  • Luke Carroll
    as Michael Anderson

  • Patrick Brammell
    as Matt Marione

  • Roxane Wilson
    as Nell Delaney

  • Andrew McFarlane
    as Hugh Delaney

  • Simon Burke
    as Patrick

  • Rustle
    as Rusty the Dog

  • Kyas Sherriff
    as Natalie Anderson

  • Kick Gurry
    as Darren Ratcliffe

  • Christopher Stollery
    as Connor Gregory

  • Anne Louise Lambert
    as Heaven Daily

  • Lech Mackiewicz
    as Kirk

  • Christopher Morris
    as Will

  • Jie Pitman
    as Dougie Watts

  • Rod Smith
    as Barry Watts