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Lea Scott

NEWFOUND FAME: Lea Scott of Bolwarra will soon be seen on the new NBN series The Alice. Picture by Cathy Bowen

Familiar face earns a new place on the small screen

Lea Scott is certainly a big shot on the small screen.

After spending five years as a regular extra on the Prime medical drama All Saints, the Bolwarra mother-of- three has earned herself a place on the new hit NBN series The Alice.

As an extra, Mrs Scott, 40, plays a single woman constantly on the lookout for a man… and she’s always in the pub.

“Being part of The Alice is a lot of fun and the stars of the show are really great, I just love it,” Mrs Scott said.

“I worked with Erik Thompson (the star of the show) on All Saints and all the other guys are great.”

In her role as an extra on the new show Mrs Scott travels to Homebush Bay—where the show is filmed—about three to four times a week but Mrs Scott wouldn’t trade her newfound fame for the world.

“I started being an extra about six years ago when my daughters decided to try their hand at acting and I ended up getting myself an agent,” she said.

Since then Mrs Scott has not been out of work and wears out four sets of tyres a year travelling to and from work.

Apart from her work on All Saints, where she has posed as a patient and worked as a nurse and ambulance officer, Mrs Scott has also recently finished a stint as a reporter on the movie Superman starring American starlet Kate Bosworth.

“I spent five months acting as a reporter for the Daily Planet and it was great fun and Kate Bosworth is so lovely, she was lovely to meet.”

Mrs Scott has also finished filming a part in the yet to be released ABC telemovie The Silence and is now looking to branch out into more movie work.

By Emma Swain
August 09, 2005
The Maitland Mercury