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Anger over decision to shoot 'The Alice' in Sydney

The Central Australian Aboriginal Media Association (CAAMA) has expressed dismay that the television drama series The Alice has mostly been shot in Sydney.

The Northern Territory Government gave Southern Star productions $330,000 in April to ensure the series was filmed in Alice Springs.

But Southern Star has confirmed most production is occurring in Sydney and it is trucking red sand into studios to replicate central Australia.

CAAMA chief executive Priscilla Collins says there has been almost no benefit for the town.

"You have another company from outside of Alice Springs come in here, promise they're going to employ people here, promise they're going to film in Alice Springs, and what's happening? Only a handful of people are employed here," she said.

"The rest are employed in Sydney, most of the filming is in Sydney and yet the Government couldn't bend over quick enough to support their production."

Ms Collins says promised production jobs have not materialised.

"That's a big kick in the guts for every Territory film-maker," she said.

She says the production has made minimal trips to Alice Springs to shoot exteriors: "I mean, come on, if you're shooting something about the Alice, why are you filming it in Sydney?"

The Country Liberal Party's tourism spokeswoman, Fay Miller, says the Chief Minister did not promise red sand in a Sydney studio.

"She certainly needs to explain where that $330,000 is going," Mrs Miller said.

Mrs Miller says Clare Martin should apologise to Alice Springs, and adds that audiences will not be fooled.

"We're going to have the east coast again as a feature in a film when Alice is so important to the tourist industry," she said.

July 21, 2005
ABC News