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Episode 1.01

Wednesday, February 03, 2021 (ABC)
479,000 viewers (13th)
Written by Julie De Fina
Directed by Jonathan Brough

Having burned all his bridges in restaurants across Europe, volatile celebrity chef Easton West (Erik Thomson) finds himself with one more chance in a high-end Shanghai restaurant. But when opening night turns into a pig-slinging disaster, the subsequent social media tsunami washes Easton ashore in the Adelaide Hills.

Arriving like a pariah to a dysfunctional family he abandoned 30 years previously, he finds his outspoken 19-year-old pastry cook niece, Diana (Natalie Abbott), is the only person who shows any interest in his return. Diana represents everything he’s not — young, female and with her finger on the pulse — so Easton takes her under his wing in an effort to crawl his way back to relevance.

Together, Easton and Diana set off on their quest to create Australia’s next great restaurant. But with no money, an anger management problem, and a volatile family literally built upon the skeletons of the past, Easton West is going to find his comeback a little more difficult than he thought.

When his latest outburst goes viral, volatile celebrity chef Easton West flees back to his hometown and tries to reinvent himself through an unlikely partnership with his 19-year-old pastry wunderkind niece.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Erik Thomson as Easton West
  • Jack Wong as Young Elevator Guy
  • Grace O'Callaghan as Young Elevator Girl
  • Simone Annan as Viv
  • Norman Sheun as Shanghai Businessman
  • Jem O'Callaghan as Teenage Son
  • Ezra Juanta as Long-Haired Chef
  • Samuel Lau as Nervous Chef
  • Roy Phung as Head Chef
  • Jodie Dry as Female Critic
  • Albee Liang as Waitress
  • Natalie Abbott as Diana
  • Kavitha Anandasivam as Nayani
  • James Smith as Dude
  • Antione Olivier Jelk as Other Dude
  • Remy Hii as Ben Zhao
  • Justin Amankwah as Kwame
  • Susan Prior as Denise
  • Wayne Blair as Brett
  • Peter Carroll as Jim
  • Ben Harvey as Ben
  • Liam Stapleton as Liam