A Country Practice: timeline

1981 Episodes
summaries for episodes 1-15
1-2In General PracticePilot
3-4Town TragedyMolly and Brendan arrive, Bob Hatfield introduced
5-6The ItinerantsEsme Watson debuts — longest running character (1084 episodes)
7-8They Shoot Cows Don't TheyAllan Penney's first guest appearance (Perce Hudson in later years)
9-10Coming HomeFatso debuts — second longest running character (1080 episodes)
11-12SecretsShirley in minor car accident, Peter Phelps guest stars
13-14AlternativesMolly's model friend (Tina Bursill) visits the farm
1982 Episodes
summaries for episodes 16-44
15-16Golden FleeceTerence falls for a female truck driver, Bob needs tooth pulled
17-18TeamworkSimon's father visits. Frank moves in with the Deans after accident
19-20Suffer Little ChildrenCookie debuts, Bob Maza guest stars
21-22MatesTwo well-respected "brothers" revealed as being gay
23-24Sons & Lovers 
25-26I Know Where She's GoneMolly protests destruction of trees, Danny Adcock guest stars
27-28A Little KnowledgeJohn Clayton and Rebecca Rigg (Gabe later on) guest star
29-30A Pit to Hiss InShirley goes to Eaters Anonymous
31-32Sore ThroatSimon is hospitalised, Henri Szeps returns as Cookie's cousin
33-34Beatin' Round the BushCarmen Duncan appears as Rowena Elliott, Diane Smith guests
35-36Never Called Me MotherQueenie Ashton, Diane Craig, Sean Scully guest star
37-38Shootin' ThroughBoy accidentally shoots his brother, cast of "Green Pastures" visit
39-40Pig in a PokeCouncillor Muldoon debuts, Baz Luhrmann guest stars
41-42Did She FallVicky moves into new flat, ends ralationship with married vet
43-44Loves Labour LostShirley is diagnosed with cancer
summaries for episodes 45-76
45-46Close Encounters of the Wrong KindBoy reports seeing UFO
47-48The Second ComingShirley's mother visits, Frank and Shirley's engagement party
49-50Come Blow Your HornDoris gives birth to nine piglets, Baz Luhrmann guests
51-52Frankie and JohnnyMan shot during pig hunt
53-54The Odd CoupleFrank and Shirley are married, Cookie gets a full name
55-56A Fearful ThingWoman has leprosy, Molly runs for president of Farmers Co-Op
57-58Win Some, Lose SomeMolly's pregnancy confirmed, Terence's daughter Sophie arrives
59-60Eyes of the BeholderSophie protests in front of hospital
61-62Weight for AgeFrank and Shirley look for Bridge partners
63-64Prisoner of the ValleyBrett Climo's first guest role
65-66Cheap DreamEdward Howell debuts as Bert Griffiths
67-68Occupational HazardSophie returns home to Sydney
69-70Hear No EvilShirley paints a nude portrait of Frank
71-72The Luck of the DrawBob finds painting, Esme wins it in a raffle
73-74One for the RoadMolly visits mother; Simon stays at farm; Doris runs away
75-76A Fair Day's WorkJudy Loveday resurfaces, Veronica Lang's first episode as Kate Darcy
summaries for episodes 77-106
77-78No Apparent ReasonBen and Marta get engaged, Beth Buchanan guest stars
79-80Road to NowhereMuldoon opposes Shirley and Simon's sex-ed classes
81-82Coming Ready or NotChloe Jones is born, portrayed by Sarah Lucek-Rowley
83-84What It TakesDr. Clarke fills in for a vacationing Simon
85-86The Secondly Deadly SinMuldoon proposes geriatric ward, Michael Caton guest stars
87-88The Seeds of DiscontentMartin Sacks has guest role
89-90Sign of AffectionMiss Wandin Valley is...
91-92Field of ThunderMan involved with Maralinga tests hospitalised, Jeanie Drynan guests
93-94The PushShirey returns from Bali
95-96Acts of KindnessSimon's play fizzles
97-98A Human ReactionMartin Sacks' second guest appearance
99-100Show DownGovernment threatens to close hospital
101-102Pie in the SkyThree prostitutes arrive in town, Anne Phelan and Heather Mitchell guest
103-104Stirring the PossumEsme's wheelchair-bound nephew visits
105-106Cup FeverFemale jockey illegally enters the Wandin Valley Cup
1983 Episodes
summaries for episodes 107-134
107-108Little VoicesEmily Nicol debuts as Chloe Jones, Maureen Edwards guests
109-110Grace and FavourBob goes after marathon piano playing record
111-112Breaking PointTerence has a heart attack
113-114Just Another PatientBrendan becomes Deputy Matron
115-116Truth and ConsequencesMolly protests at Poultry Farmers' Association dinner
117-118Who CaresMiles Buchanan guest stars as suicide youth
119-120September SongMuldoon tries to evict residents of caravan park
121-122The ReckoningTerence proposes to Marta
123-124The Winds of ChangeBrendan feuds with hospital's chef
125-126Love & GloryMarta Kertesz leaves the country with Bela Szollos
127-128So Life Wasn't Meant to be EasyTerence hits the bottle, Penne Hackforth-Jones guests
129-130Another Man's PoisonJones' dog Fang poisoned
131-132Hair of the DogMolly and Brendan move, Esme's lammington's debut
133-134See YaRobbie Quinn introduced
summaries for episodes 135-162
135-136Warning SignsCookie sends the night at Esme's
137-138No More Mr. Nice GuyTerence receives word that Marta and Bela have married
139-140Fruit of the VineCookie and Esme become engaged
141-142A Woman's PlaceMargaret Sloan arrives, Brendan finds classic FJ Holden
143-144Still LifeShirley loses council election in a landslide to Arnie Hodgekiss
145-146Lost WeekendTerence and Vicky spend the weekend in Magnolia Vale
147-148The Wandin Valley ConnectionGangsters return for loot in Brendan's FJ Holden
149-150The Sentimental BlokeBob's wife Daisy dies
151-152A Lady's ChoiceMolly finds old newspapers under kitchen floor
153-154Bush LoreChook Olympics
155-156Kicking the HabitEsme and Cookie's engagement ends
157-158Never Count Yer ChooksMaggie wins Las Vegas vacation
159-160All Fired UpBushfire
161-162Raking Over the AshesShirley's ex-husband makes an appearance
summaries for episodes 163-190
163-164A Good CauseVicky finds body in aftermath of bushfire
165-166Positive StepsMolly's girls dying of "Glider Fright"?
167-168Kith and KinEsme's true heritage uncovered by Molly and Brendan
169-170Running AwayGabe Baker arrives
171-172My Son, My SonTwo women's sons in car accident returning from football match
173-174Tipping the BalanceMuldoon makes a play for control of the post office
175-176Pioneering Spirit 
177-178Taking the PlungeSimon and Vicky get engaged
179-180SpellboundMatron Sloan is stabbed, departs temporarily
181-182Promises, PromisesThe band Gas Chamber rolls into town
183-184From This Day ForwardSimon and Vicky are married
185-186Got it MadeTerence held at gunpoint by drug runners
187-188Have I Got a Deal For YouShirley's birthday, antique dealer arrives in town
189-190Wednesday's ChildGabe pregant, gets lost in the bush with Chloe
1984 Episodes
summaries for episodes 191-220
191-192Part of the FamilyWall falls on Muldoon who departs, Steve Bisley guests
193-194Second ChanceGabe reunites with mother, Richard Moir and Zoe Bertram guest
195-196It's So EasyFoot-and-mouth scare, Robert Coleby and Bill Young guest star
197-198PartnersBob and Cookie sign Terence up with dating service
199-200Once Upon a TimeThe life and times of Emily White, as interpreted by Molly
201-202When the Bough BreaksChristopher Jones is born and dies
203-204A Sense of LossSimon's uncle visits, Brendan and Molly struggle to cope
205-206On the Sheep's BackShearers in town, Philip Quast guests stars
207-208The Last LaughThe Delltones and Frank Gallacher guest star
209-210Elementary Miss WatsonEsme believes neighbour murdered
211-212The Best Thing for EverybodySingle father faces custody battle, Dasha Blahova guests
213-214Moment of TruthTerence in hot water after unlicensed doctor operates
215-216A Touch of ClassSimon's parent offer him and Vicky a loan for a house
217-218Unemployment, A Health HazardMartin Sacks and Julie Nihill guest star
219-220Horse of a Different ColourMolly buys Brendan a horse for his birthday
summaries for episodes 221-250
221-222Invasion of Privacy 
223-224Tug of WarMolly and Arnie Hodgekiss face off over a footbridge
225-226Second Opinion 
227-228Hot and Cold 
229-230Breathing SpaceMaggie Sloan returns, Gabe visits
231-232An Axe to Grind 
233-234Repairing the DamageNicole Kidman guest stars
235-236Good IntentionsConstable Steve Vargas debuts
237-238So Close, & Yet So FarSimon and Vicky inherit Hamlet, a Great Dane
239-240Splitting the Difference 
241-242Friday the 13thMolly, Brendan, Vicky, and Simon stay in a haunted house
243-244The Last Picture ShowFrank wins the lottery
245-246I'll Drink to ThatSimon inherits silver dinner service and a large table
247-248The Hidden Trap 
249-250Close to the BoneSimon's thirtieth birthday, Molly publishes her first newsletter
summaries for episodes 251-280
251-252Leader of the PackBob wins a greyhound
253-254Digging Up Dirt 
255-256Man's Best Friend 
257-258Taken for a Ride 
259-260A Fair Hearing 
261-262UpstagedTalent Quest
263-264Ships in the NightFrank, Shirley, Simon, Brendan, and Cookie go on a cruise
265-266The Harder They Fall 
267-268Something Out ThereSimon and Vicky move into new house, Molly shoots feral dog
269-270Out of BoundsEsme fails spot check, Shane Connor guest stars
271-272RitualsBuck's night rampage at Terence's vineyard
273-274All in the Line of DutyBomb destroys RSL Club
275-276MisconceptionsCookie gets job at the pub, first appearance of bookie Shorty Price
277-278Eighty in the ShadeBert Griffiths hijacks seniors bus
279-280Small ComfortHamlet is killed in car accident
1985 Episodes
summaries for episodes 281-306
281-282Follow the LeaderShirley involved in major car accident
283-284Comes a StrangerValley floods
285-286For the Sake of the ChildEsme has terminal onomatopeoia
287-288On the Edge 
289-290Swan Song 
291-292Smooth TalkingMatron Hilda Arrowsmith is introduced
293-294Home TruthsJudy entered in Miss Country Hospital beauty quest
295-296Seasons Come and Seasons GoVicky is pregnant. Molly's birthday, diagnosed with leukemia
297-298I'll Cry If I Want To 
299-300My WayAlf Muldoon returns
301-302Save the Last Dance for Me 
303-304Castles in the Air 
305-306Lost and Found 
summaries for episodes 307-332
307-308Coming to Terms 
309-310Do the Right Thing 
311-312MollyMolly dies
313-314New Beginnings 
315-316All It Takes 
317-318Lest We Forget 
321-322Waste Not Want Not 
323-324What About Me? 
327-328Crossed WiresJudy's cousin Jo Loveday (Josephine Mitchell) arrives
329-330Walk Tall 
331-332The Family WayVicky gives birth to twins
summaries for episodes 333-356
333-334All Things Must Change 
335-336In a Good Cause 
337-338Another Time, Another Place 
339-340Breaking Point 
341-342Once Bitten, Twice ShyCookie's wife turns up
343-344Work ExperienceVicky is offered a job in the USA
345-346Cops and Robbers 
347-348A Little KnowledgeBen Mendelsohn guest stars
349-350New PasturesVicky departs for America, new vet Ben Green (Nicholas Bufalo) arrives
351-352Time OutKelly Shanahan (Annie Davies) arrives
353-354Give a Dog a Bad NameMatron Sloan's sister visits
355-356No Love Lost 
1986 Episodes
summaries for episodes 357-384
357-358Friends for Life 
359-360IllusionsTerence's son Christopher arrives
361-362The Luck of the Game 
363-364The Time of Your Life 
365-366Good MatesSimon departs
367-368Out of the Blue 
369-370The Will to Win 
371-372Fighting Back 
373-374Calm Before the Storm 
375-376Sink or Swim 
377-378Covering Up 
379-380A Matter of Conscience 
383-384One For the RoadBrendan proposes to Sarah. He and Chloe depart.
summaries for episodes 385-414
385-386Track Record 
387-388Race Greed and Colour 
389-390Glue Factory 
391-392Fighting ChanceKelly Shanahan leaves, Dr. Alex Fraser arrives
393-394In Love and War 
395-396Duty Bound 
397-398Black SheepPeter Manning arrives
401-402From the Ashes 
403-404Unsung LullabyVicky visits with the twins
405-406The Deep EndDonna Manning (Caroline Johannson) arrives
407-408Playing the Game 
409-410Caterpillars and ButterfliesJudy Loveday departs to travel the world with patient
411-412Listen to the ChildrenPrime Minister Bob Hawke makes appearance
summaries for episodes 415-444
415-416Let the Sunshine In 
417-418Let the Sunshine In (II) 
419-420Let the Sunshine In (III) 
421-422Past Imperfect 
423-424Day After Day 
425-426Trouble Spots 
427-428It Isn't Catching Is It?Shirley turns fifty
429-430The Price You Pay 
431-432A Question of WarningRowena and CK Elliott arrive
433-434The Things You Learn 
435-436Playing House 
437-438Early Stages 
439-440Growing Pains 
441-442Out of Proportion 
443-444Hidden Extras 
1987 Episodes
summaries for episodes 445-474
445-446Rocking the Boat 
447-448Bitter Sweet 
449-450One With the Lot 
451-452Caught in the Act 
453-454No Place For a Lady 
455-456Tall In the Saddle 
457-458Times Are A' Changing 
459-460Foul Play 
461-462Hit and Run 
463-464Odds On 
465-466Lost for Words 
467-468Creative Play 
471-472A Nice Girl Like YouJo is in a car accident
473-474Home and Away 
summaries for episodes 475-504
475-476Love StoryPeter proposes to Alex
477-478Best Laid PlansWaterbed; Donna wants Ben to propose
479-480My Brother's Keeper 
481-482...Book By It's Cover 
483-484The Lie of the LandCathy Hayden (Kate Raison) arrives
485-486Ghost of a Chance 
487-488The Right Mix 
489-490Keep on Truckin'Peter Manning (Mark Owen-Taylor) departs, Justine Clarke guest stars
491-492Nobody's Perfect 
493-494Things of ValueFrank and Shirley's fifth aniversary, Rebekah Elmaloglou guests
495-496Walking on AirLisa Hensley, Diane Craig, Tom Oliver guest star
497-498Walking on Air (II) 
499-500Carnival is Over 
501-502Birds of Prey 
503-504Intensive Care 
summaries for episodes 505-531
505-506Mozart RulesDonna Manning (Caroline Johannson) is killed
507-508Picking up the PiecesPeter returns for Donna's funeral
509-510Down to EarthAlex is named custodian of Penny Richards
511-512Not Enough Chooks 
513-514Someone to Listen 
515-516A Different BreedAllan Penney makes first appearance as Percy Hudson
517-518Going for BrokeMichael Lanley (Brett Climo) arrives
519-520What's Love Got to Do With It 
521-522Labour of Love 
523-524Playing Possum 
525-526The Last Straw 
527-528All in the Game 
529-530Licensed to Kill 
531-532Licensed to Kill (II) 
1988 Episodes
summaries for episodes 533-562
533-534A Clean Slate 
535-536Mixed Blessings 
537-538Learning the LessonsDavid Wenham guest stars
539-540RevelationsTerence's daughter visits
541-542Revelations (II) 
543-544Tomorrow's NewsTerence proposes to Alex
545-546Love Hurts 
547-548Give Me a Break 
549-550In Sickness and In HealthTerence and Alex are married, vet Matt Tyler (John Tarrant) arrives
551-552Matters of the HeartJo's father and sister visit; Georgie Parker guests
553-554Matters of the Heart (II)Ben Green (Nicholas Bufalo) departs
555-556Common Cause 
557-558Fallen Idols 
559-560False Pretences 
561-562Dark HorsesMichelle Pettigrove guest stars
summaries for episodes 563-592
563-564Going the Distance 
565-566Seeing the Light 
567-568No Place Like Home 
569-570Everybody's Doing It 
571-572Sparring Partners 
573-574Hard Act to Follow 
575-576Thanks for the Memory 
577-578Stand and Deliver 
579-580Young Girls 
581-582Paddle Your Own Canoe 
583-584Off the Leash 
585-586HookedMichael has accident on motorcycle
587-588AccidentSophie Elliott returns
589-590Fight or Fly 
summaries for episodes 593-622
593-594Sophie (II)Sophie Elliot dies
595-596Doing It Tough 
599-600A Wing and a PrayerPlane crashes with Matron Sloan and Cathy on board
601-602Back on Course 
603-604The Damage DoneJo's eighteenth birthday
605-606Remember Me 
607-608Personal Choice 
609-610Power Play 
611-612Sins of the Fathers 
613-614A Tangled Web 
615-616If Good Men Do Nothing 
619-620Family TiesAlex tells Terence she is pregnant, Michael proposes to Jo
621-622The Right Medicine 
1989 Episodes
summaries for episodes 623-650
625-626Message in a Bottle 
627-628Endangered Species 
629-630Play it AgainMatt in hospital with viral encephalitis
631-632Mothers and DaughtersLaura Elliott is born and dies
633-634Fool's Gold 
635-636On the ThresholdJo Loveday and Michael Langley are married and depart
637-638Last of the WineAlex departs to work in a northern Aboriginal community
639-640Snake in the GrassLucy Gardiner (Georgia Parker) arrives
641-642BurnoutLucy moves in with Cathy
643-644Pick of the CropCris Kouros arrives
645-646Nobody's FoolJessica Kouros arives
647-648Playing With FireMaggie has a heart attack
649-650Baby Makes Three 
summaries for episodes 651-678
651-652Ticket to Ride 
653-654Taking a Chance 
655-656She Loves Me NotLucy is kidnapped
657-658Young Hearts 
661-662The Food of Love 
663-664Handle With Care 
665-666Fly Away HomeKym Wilson guest stars
667-668Give Me ShelterLuke Ross (Matt Day) arrives
669-670Fellow Travellers 
673-674Love is Blind 
675-676BirthrightTerence visits Alex hoping to woo her back to the Valley
677-678A Delicate Balance 
summaries for episodes 679-706
679-680Defence of the RealmCris' sister visits, Maggie becomes an Australian citizen
681-682Just One Look 
683-684Can't Buy Me Love 
685-686Pride and JoyCris is accused of mistreating Jessie
687-688Race Day 
689-690Hook, Line, and Sinker 
691-692Bel CantoPerce Hudson's first appearance (?)
693-694Natural Selection 
695-696Playing It SafeCookie, Bob, and Shirley star in Cathy's video
697-698Call To ArmsTown threatened by proposed dam
699-700Future Shock 
701-702For Pity's Sake 
705-706Stand By Me 
1990 Episodes
summaries for episodes 707-736
707-708Puppy Love 
709-710Anna and the King 
711-712Stepping Out 
713-714Never Too Late 
715-716Waltzing Matilda 
717-718Promises to Keep 
719-720Still Waters 
721-722Wild HorsesLachlan Morrison introduces, William McInnes guests
723-724Romancing the SloanMaggie Sloan leaves
725-726Kiss Me KateCathy Hayden marries and departs
727-728Change of HeartSteve Brennan introduced, Luke's eighteenth birthday
729-730SistersAnne Brennan arrives, singer Paul Kelly makes appearance
731-732Sisters II 
735-736It's in the BloodLuke's mother visits
summaries for episodes 737-764
737-738The Sting 
739-740All or NothingMatt proposes to Lucy over the radio
743-744Body and SoulTerence receives divorce papers from Alex
747-748Burn Off 
751-752Running Wild 
753-754Where There's SmokeLucy calls off wedding
757-758Childhood's End 
759-760A Private Concern 
761-762The Golden FleeceSteve crowned Wool Queen
763-764Old Wounds 
summaries for episodes 765-792
765-766Sacred Cows 
767-768Little Big Man 
769-770A Secret Place 
771-772Only the GoodLuke is diagnosed with a brain tumour
773-774When a Girl MarriesMatt and Lucy are married
775-776The Quality of Mercy 
777-778Glittering Prizes 
779-780No Case to Answer 
781-782DreamkeeperTrevor Jackson introduced
783-784Eye of the Beholder 
785-786The Trouble with TheoCris' parents visit, his mother dies
787-788Ain't Misbehaving 
789-790My Sister's Keeper 
791-792Second ChanceLuke leaves to study in Sydney
1991 Episodes
summaries for episodes 793-822
793-794The Two of UsLuke returns to Wandin Valley
795-796The Covenant 
797-798Over the Rainbow 
799-800The Promised LandA movie is filmed in the district
801-802Motherly Love 
803-804Wisdom of SolomonLinda Shelley arrives
805-806Flying HighLuke's 19th birthday, Cris considers moving to Melbourne
807-808Wrong 'Un 
809-810Doctors in LoveFrank and Shirley's 8th wedding anniversary
811-812Such Sweet SorrowCris, Anne, and Jessie move to Melbourne
813-814Out of AfricaRosemary Prior arrives
815-816Family Business 
817-818Bigger Than TexasDr. Harry Morrison arrives
819-820Polly Had a Dolly 
821-822Price of Love 
summaries for episodes 823-852
823-824The Hunt 
825-826Gift of LifeKate Bryant arrives
827-828Hot and Cold 
829-830Facts of Life 
831-832Beyond Doubt 
833-834For the Good TimesLuke's girlfriend Donna Humme arrives, dies
835-836Off the Rails 
837-838The Long WeekendLucy injured on camping trip
839-840Whole New Ball Game 
841-842Day By Day 
843-844When Harry Met Karen 
845-846Farewell My LovelySteve Brennan exits, Luke leaves town
847-848Mother's Little Helper 
849-850Down Lonely StreetFrank brings Luke home
851-852The Long Goodbye 
summaries for episodes 853-882
853-854As Time Goes ByDoris dies
855-856Beauty and the Beast 
857-858Glory Days 
859-860Simply the Best 
863-864All About Love 
865-866A Trouble Shared 
867-868Words Unspoken 
869-870Paying the Price 
871-872Unchained MelodyRosemary's son visits
873-874Brief EncounterKate's half-sister appears
875-876Dangerous LiaisonsDarcy Hudson arrives
877-878The Goodbye PlanKate past fight with leukemia publicised
879-880Deep WaterLuke and Kate move into a new apartment
1992 Episodes
summaries for episodes 883-910
885-886Feet of ClayHugo Strzelecki arrives
887-888Alfred the GreatFire at the club
889-890Alfred the Great (II)Muldoon brought to justice
891-892Riding for a Fall 
893-894Armed and Dangerous 
895-896Reach for the Sky 
897-898WingsLuke, Cookie, and Bob depart
899-900A Different DrumConstable Tom Newman and wife Allison arrive
901-902High Hopes 
903-904Turning Point 
905-906Blood on the VineMurder mystery weekend at Wandin Valley Estates
907-908Father to SonMatt's father arrives
909-910Little Boy BlueMatt and Lucy depart after their son James is born, Bernice Hudson arrives
summaries for episodes 911-940
911-912Travelling SouthBob and Cookie visit, buy Magnolia Vale pub
913-914PhoenixAnna Lacey and Billy Moss arrive
917-918Where the Wild Things Are 
919-920Sleeping BeautyDarcy's sister Amber Thomas dies
923-924A Kiss Before DyingShirley Gilroy is killed
925-926FamilyMuldoon Wing renamed the Shirley Gilroy Wing
927-928A Little KnowledgeTerence diagnosed with Post Polio Syndrome.
929-930The Contender 
931-932The Odds AgainstFrank fulfils Shirley's requests on their anniversary
933-934Old FlamesTerence and Harry caught in Cyclone Wally
935-936Me and My GirlHugo and Rosemary win tickets to Barcelona
937-938A Virtuous WomanAnna's ex boyfriend arrives in town
939-940Heaven's Gate 
summaries for episodes 941-968
941-942It's My Party 
943-944Every Move You MakeAnna's stalker returns
945-946Out of WedlockHarry and Kate move in together
947-948Trouble in EdenTom's divorce paper arrive
949-950Drawing the LineTom attacked by truckers
951-952The Fundamental ThingsHarry's parents visit, mother diagnosed with Alzheimers
953-954Nothing but the Truth 
955-956Falling FreeDarcy thinks skydiver received sisters organs
957-958Like a LambTom's mother visits
959-960Things We Do For LoveTom proposes to Anna, Kate opens acupuncture clinic
961-962A Matter of Time 
963-964A Fair Cop 
965-966Face the Past 
967-968Double HappinessChristmas, Tom and Anna are married
1993 Episodes
summaries for episodes 969-998
969-970Something of ValueHospital reclassified, operating theatre closed
971-972A Fine Balance 
973-974Twice ShyTravel writer visits Rainbow Farm
975-976The ProdigalAnna brother visits
977-978Little Lies 
979-980One Man's Poison 
981-982An Act of Love 
983-984Billy's ChoiceBilly's grandparents vie for custody
985-986Come Dancing 
987-988Stolen MomentsKate's mother arrives, learns of husbands other daughter
991-992Guilty Party 
993-994Trivial Pursuits 
995-996Wild CardHarry proposes to Kate
997-998True Confessions 
summaries for episodes 999-1028
999-1000Floating on AirHarry and Kate are married
1001-1002Big Yellow TaxiHarry, Kate, and Jules in car accident
1003-1004Can't See Around Corners 
1005-1006Tears for Fears 
1007-1008Mixed Doubles 
1009-1010Certain WomenDr. Alex Fraser returns, Billy's blackmarket surgery
1011-1012Double Indemnity 
1013-1014Another CountryImmigrant woman seeks refugee status
1015-1016Local HeroWandin Valley Agricultural Show
1017-1018No Man's LandSimone is euthanised
1019-1020The PlayerA production of MacBeth is produced by the locals
1021-1022Body of Evidence 
1023-1024Crimes and MisdemeanorsJules Goodfellow returns to Wandin Valley for the trial
1025-1026Welcome Stranger 
1027-1028Outside Chance 
summaries for episodes 1029-1058
1029-1030Troubled Waters 
1031-1032Thursday's ChildChristopher Elliot returns from Vietnam with his son
1033-1034Thursday's Child (II)Frank is elected Wandin Valley's first mayor
1035-1036Carpe Diem 
1037-1038Now or NeverBernice Hudon diagnosed with cervical cancer, leaves
1039-1040Heroes & VillainsTom is shot, Terence and Rosemary get suck in an elevator
1041-1042A Fine RomanceChristina Agapitos arrives
1043-1044Lover Come Back 
1045-1046Inner CircleHugo Strzelecki leaves
1047-1048DuetRosemary's son arrives with his new wife
1049-1050Snakes and Ladders 
1051-1052New Kid In TownIan McIntyre arrives
1055-1056Cyclone ClaireClaire Bonacci arrives
1057-1058Burning BrightBushfire, Terence and Rosemary are married
1994 Episodes (Network Ten)
summaries for 1994 episodes
1Straight From The HeartConstruction on the new health centre finishes
2Love Potion Number NineGeorgie Wilks introduced
3The Trouble With WomenJessamy Morrison arrives
4Best Of Friends 
5Too Young 
6Mother's DayDanny's mother visits
7The Grass is GreenerFoot-and-mouth disease scare
8There Was a Crooked Man 
9His Own Medicine 
10Are You Lonesome Tonight 
12Solomon's Child 
13Where's Wally 
14Tuesday's ChildEsme drives off road, woman dies leaving son
15Dirty Washing 
16Thicker Than WaterIan's brother visits, wants to sell the farm
17Send Me A Dream 
18It's A Wonderful LifeLachlan Morrison returns, dies
19A Taste of Honey 
20Tunnel VisionThe Wandin Valley Flyer resumes operation
22Keeping The Faith 
23On The EdgeIan discovers Claire and Danny's relationship
24Running Wild 
25Family Business 
26Family TreeSarah Wilks introduced
27SurvivalLake Day, Claire is shot
28Little Girl LostGeorgie's birthday, decides to go to Sydney to see her father
29Love Me DoKate Bryant returns
30Future PerfectEsme has a stroke