A Country Practice: poetry

The selections from the inaugural Wandin Valley Poetry Reading (ep 241)

"A Song of Rain" by CJ Dennis

"There was a young lady from Thrace,
whose corsets were too tight to lace,
her mother said "Nelly,
there's more in your belly,
then ever went in through your face."

Mrs. Jenkins
"The Little Irish Mother" by John O'Brien

"The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner" by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"I think of thee in the night
when all beside is still
and the moon comes out with its pale, sad light
to sit on the lonely hill
and the stars are all like dreams
and the breezes all like sighs
and there comes a voice from the far off streams
like thy spirit's low replies

I think on thee by day
in the cold and busy crowd
when the laughter of the young and gay
is far too glad and loud
I hear thy soft, sad tones
and thy young, sweet smile I see
my heart, my heart were all alone
but for its dreams of thee

Patrick, Father McBride's parrot (as learned from Robbie Quinn):
"The boy stood on the burning deck,
his pockets full of crackers,
a spark ran up his hairy leg,
and blew off both his… [knackers]."
(the last line interupted and not finished)

Cookie and Father McBride (after a few drinks):
"There was a young doctor called Bowen,
whose practice was constantly growing,
his patients stayed often,
from cradle to coffin,
so he got 'em both comin' and goin'

"There was a young vet called Vicky,
slipped into the club for a quickie," …
(also not completed)