Produced by Gristmill

Producers: Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope, Greg Sitch, Bernadette O'Mahoney
Writers: Robyn Butler, Wayne Hope, Molly Daniels, Lisa Marie Corso, Maddy Butler, Jayden Mascuilli, Bob Franklin
Directors: Wayne Hope, Robyn Butler, Ian Reiser, Nina Buxton

Airing: 2019... (ABC)

Ezra, Maudie, Ava and Kyle are The InBESTigators. Operating out of the granny flat in Ezra's backyard, these disparate kids from Grade Five are led by Maudie, a freakishly gifted observer of human behaviour. As Maudie manages to solve one thorny school or neighbourhood mystery after another, she and Ezra, Ava and Kyle discover what motivates a crime. While every episode offers a compelling puzzle to crack, at its core the show is a character comedy with heart. (20x30min/40x15min)
Aston DroomerEzra
Anna CookeMaudie
Abby BergmanAva
Jamil Smyth-SeckaKyle

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