Playmaker creators jump off speeding train

Having built their production company into an impressive conveyor of dreams, David Maher and David Taylor are getting ready to leave.
july 31 | www.artshub.com.au

Ms. Fisher season to premiere on Acorn TV

Season 2 of Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries will premiere in Australia on Acorn TV before a later broadcast through Seven.
july 29 | tvtonight.com.au

Kate Jenkinson locks down in Wentworth

The actor playing the latest 'Top Dog' talks about her role in the iconic prison drama, on the eve of its eighth season.
july 28 | www.artshub.com.au

Television drama guru Bevan Lee on his best yet: Between Two Worlds

Created by Bevan Lee, the TV drama guru told Mediaweek it is his best yet, and from the man who has All Saints, Always Greener, Packed to the Rafters and Winners & Losers on his IMDB credits, it is quite a claim.
july 22 | www.mediaweek.com.au

Jonathan M. Shiff on new shooting protocols and why the TV Producer Offset must be doubled

Shooting of the second series of Jonathan M. Shiff Productions’ The Bureau of Magical Things resumed in Queensland on June 29, one of the first to restart after the lockdown.
july 20 | www.if.com.au

Netflix seeks voluntary Australian content spending scheme

Facing the prospect that the Federal Government will impose local content spending obligations on SVOD services, Netflix asserts it wants the right to negotiate how much it invests over the next three years.
july 06 | www.if.com.au

Renewed: Ms Fisher’s MODern Murder Mysteries

A second season is coming for Ms Fisher’s MODern Murder Mysteries, set as a co-production between Seven and Acorn TV. Under the deal, Series 2 increases to an 8 part series.
july 06 | tvtonight.com.au

ABC ME announces MaveriX drama

ABC ME has announced a new motocross drama series MaveriX to be filmed in Alice Springs in 2021.
june 30 | tvtonight.com.au

Foxtel confirms Marta Dusseldorp is joining the cast of Wentworth

Dusseldorp is well known to Foxtel audiences after staring in popular period drama A Place To Call Home. Her role in Wentworth will see her playing Sheila Bausch, a senior figure in a cult, who finds herself on the inside after something terrible goes down among the group.
june 15 | tvblackbox.com.au

Jenny Buckland hails kids’ drama exports

One of the major but less recognised benefits of continuing to fund children’s television in Australia is the long tail of overseas sales for multiple series, according to Jenny Buckland.
june 10 | www.if.com.au

Vale: Jock Blair

Seminal writer, producer Jock Blair who produced classic Australian dramas Homicide and The Sullivans has died.
may 28 | tvtonight.com.au

'Lockdown is over': Prison drama Wentworth finally gets a season eight premiere date - as Foxtel releases a chilling new trailer

It's arguably one of Australia's most popular television series ever. And on Tuesday, Foxtel announced that prison drama Wentworth was returning for its eighth season on Tuesday, July 28.
may 25 | www.dailymail.co.uk

ABC: “We don’t see production happening very soon”

ABC is not expecting to resume Drama production until towards the end of the year as it navigates new protocols which impact on filming, and it awaits the return of international actors.
may 20 | tvtonight.com.au

Screen Australia announces $8.5M for ten projects

Screen Australia has announced three feature films, four television series, a children’s series and two online projects that will share in $8.5 million of production funding.
april 20 | tvblackbox.com.au

Opinion: Dumping local content right now would be a massive self-inflicted wound for TV

Australia’s commercial television networks are in trouble. Not simply because of the coronavirus but because they failed to develop effective strategies to counter the arrival of Netflix and other ‘streaming’ platforms — something anticipated long before it happened.
april 20 | www.themandarin.com.au


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