Picnic at Hanging Rock: reviews

After a media preview and Berlinale screening, reviews are starting to gather on Foxtel's Picnic at Hanging Rock...
february 22 | tvtonight.com.au

Is creepy Australian mystery a true story?

This is a no-brainer. The popular myth that Australia's iconic mystery tale, Picnic At Hanging Rock, is based on true events should help bring it to a global audience, one of its stars said at the Berlin film festival on Monday.
february 21 | www.straitstimes.com

Foxtel sets premiere for 'Picnic at Hanging Rock'

FremantleMedia Australia's Picnic at Hanging Rock will premiere on Foxtel's showcase channel and on Foxtel on Demand at 8.30 pm on Sunday May 6.
february 14 | www.if.com.au

Cinematographer Murray Lui films children's drama

Not everyone gets paid to play with cool toys every day, but for cinematographer Murray Lui, it's just one of the perks of his job.
february 10 | www.townsvillebulletin.com.au

You might not care about House Husbands but axing it doesn't bode well for Australian TV

The Chicken Littles of the Australian media love speculating about the always imminent demise (apparently) of our screen industry. Its death, as the saying goes, has been greatly exaggerated. But in the current climate, things are admittedly a little different — and circumstances more concerning — than the previous one million times the end was supposedly nigh.
february 08 | www.theguardian.com

Wentworth star gets his Chopper on

It's been more than four years since Mark "Chopper" Read lost his battle with cancer. But the spirit of the notorious criminal figure, who some had regarded as a national hero, is set to be revived in the next chapter of Nine's gritty underworld franchise, Underbelly.
february 07 | thewest.com.au

Skippy turns 50

Skippy The Bush Kangaroo, possibly Australian television's first great export, made its Australian debut 50 years ago this month — starting first in Sydney and Melbourne on 5 February 1968, with other states to follow.
february 05 | televisionau.com

Axed: House Husbands

Nine has officially confirmed the end for Logie-winning drama House Husbands after 5 seasons.
february 04 | tvtonight.com.au

Far from white-washing, ABC's Monkey Magic remake takes us back to its cross-cultural roots

The much-anticipated series premiere of The New Legends of Monkey aired Sunday night on children's network ABC ME and is streaming on iView. While your kids may have been enthralled by the kung foolery of it all, older viewers may have found their inner-child chucking a nostalgia-induced tantrum shouting "It's not the same!"
january 31 | www.adelaidereview.com.au

My Australia: Benjamin Law on writing the story he always wanted to read

The writer behind the critically acclaimed book and TV series The Family Law tells SBS News about growing up gay and Asian in Australia.
january 26 | www.sbs.com.au

WAAPA grad stars in Monkey Magic reboot

Growing up in the country, Emilie Cocquerel wasn't aware of the cult appeal of the 1978 Japanese-produced TV series Monkey.
january 25 | thewest.com.au

The New Legends of Monkey writer responds to 'whitewashing' accusations

When it was announced nine months ago the ABC, TVNZ and Netflix were rebooting beloved children's classic Monkey, often colloquially referred to as Monkey Magic, audiences were thrilled... That excitement soon turned sour. Accusations of "whitewashing" drowned out the initial enthusiasm.
january 25 | www.dailytelegraph.com.au

Obituary: Moya O'Sullivan

Moya O'Sullivan, star of stage, film and television, has died in Sydney.
january 25 | televisionau.com

Twelve Questions with actor Erik Thomson

Trans-Tasman actor Erik Thomson celebrated turning 50 with a surf trip to Sumatra and a new electric guitar. The 800 Words star says the secret to long marriage is forgiveness.
january 23 | www.nzherald.co.nz

Happy Birthday! Home and Away Celebrates 30th Anniversary!

In the history of Australian television, there has only been one other soap opera to reach such an anniversary. Joining its celebrated rival in the history books is Home and Away — the Seven Network's flagship drama.
january 17 | www.backtothebay.net

BBC Bringing 'Romper Stomper' Series to the U.K.

"Romper Stomper" is heading to the U.K. after the BBC bought the Australian series, a sequel to the controversial 1992 movie of the same name that launched Russell Crowe to fame. The BBC will run the drama on its online BBC Three channel later this year.
january 17 | variety.com

Aussie TV, we've got a big problem

We keep seeing the same old faces. That is one of the most consistent complaints I get from people who say they don't watch Aussie-made television dramas anymore.
january 14 | www.heraldsun.com.au

10 new Australian TV shows to watch in 2018

There are, as always, a wide assortment of Australian television programs in the pipeline this year. It is no secret that this nation, oh ye of convict heritage, rather enjoys crime shows. Even for crime lovers that itch will be scratched with surprising regularity
january 09 | dailyreview.com.au


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