Something Warm in the Middle - the Grist of Gristmill

Gristmill's Wayne Hope and Robyn Butler are Back in Very Small Business with their gooey, chewy secret: You can be sweet and sharp at the same time.
july 19 | www.artshub.com.au

New dramas for Ten, SBS and Stan after one-off investment by Screen Australia

Screen Australia has revealed its highest one-off investment in adult TV drama, in which it will provide more than $17m in funding for six films, 10 television series and seven online productions.
july 18 | mumbrella.com.au

Tony Ayres goes solo with a new deal with NBCUniversal

Matchbox Pictures co-founder Tony Ayres has launched his own TV drama and film production company with the backing of Matchbox and NBCUniversal International Studios.
july 17 | www.if.com.au

The Cul de Sac: The teen heroine for the end of days

Kim Knight discovers how the road to sci-fi success began in a cul-de-sac.
july 14 | www.nzherald.co.nz

Wentworth fans in limbo over rumours the show is ending

The future of Australia's hugely successful drama series Wentworth is up in the air, with Foxtel admitting it has no immediate plans to film another season.
july 16 | thenewdaily.com.au

Fans say #SaveWentworth amid rumours Foxtel has axed popular series

Fans have reacted angrily to rumours Foxtel has axed its popular Logies-winning prison series Wentworth.
july 16 | www.smh.com.au

Imposing Boomer pumps up Wentworth fans

Sue "Boomer" Jenkins has become one of Wentworth's most endearing characters thanks to actress Katrina Milosevic. Boomer was originally written as a guest role on the hit TV prison drama, which gave Milosevic the chance to develop the initially intimidating inmate.
july 09 | thewest.com.au

Guy Pearce gets gritty again in second season of Jack Irish

He's played everything from a drag queen to a murderous minister... But is Jack Irish, the troubled Melbourne lawyer with a knack for making other people's problems his own, any closer to the real Guy Pearce?
july 05 | thewest.com.au

Jacek Koman puts character ahead of leading man status

Usually cast as a criminal or bum, the Polish-born actor says he has always refused to play the lead role.
july 12 | www.smh.com.au

Jessica Marais to star in Nine drama Bad Mothers

Silver Logie winner Jessica Marais, voted Most Popular Actress, will star in a new Nine drama Bad Mothers.
july 01 | tvtonight.com.au

Netflix co-commissions new Aussie children's comedy

In partnership with ABC, Screen Australia, Film Victoria and the Australian Children's Television Foundation, the streaming giant is co-funding The InBESTigators, a new live-action kids comedy from the creators of the award-winning series Little Lunch.
june 29 | kidscreen.com

A tribute to the late Hugh Stuckey

Patrick Edgeworth pens a tribute to writer Hugh Stuckey, who has died at the age of 89. Stuckey's varied career saw him write for shows including Neighbours, Bewitched and In Melbourne Tonight with Graham Kennedy.
june 27 | mumbrella.com.au

Kate Atkinson's wild life on the inside

WA actress Kate Atkinson slides with ease into the seat behind the desk of the governor of Wentworth. "I might not get another season in this desk," says Atkinson on set of the prison drama in Melbourne. "You never know when you're governor; you could be knocked out of this chair at any point."
june 18 | thewest.com.au

Actress Ann Dowd to star as a nun in Foxtel drama Lambs of God

After making her mark in popular TV show The Handmaid's Tale, Emmy Award winning actress Ann Dowd has come to Sydney to film a new four-part television drama series Lambs of God for Foxtel, where she will play a nun.
june 23 | www.dailytelegraph.com.au

How Aaron Pedersen helped bring Mystery Road to TV

One of Australia's most recognisable and highly regarded actors, Aaron Pedersen has always felt there was one character in particular that he wasn't done with. The actor got the chance to step back into those shoes with ABC's highly anticipated television spin-off of the 2013 film Mystery Road.
june 14 | thewest.com.au


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