In Maximum Choppage Darren Gilshenan creates another timeless character

Like many of the characters he plays, there's more to Mayor Crawford than a moustache-twirling, panto baddie.
march 03 | www.smh.com.au

Jimmy McGovern's new TV series 'Banished': Why Australia's past has such resonance today

Jimmy McGovern has turned inequality, tragedy and disaster into some of the best TV ever made. His new series sees him tackle 18th-century crime and punishment
march 03 | www.independent.co.uk

Secrets & Lies remake premieres in the US

Some US critics responded enthusiastically to the US remake of Hoodlum's Secrets & Lies but the bulk of viewers may need convincing.
march 03 | if.com.au

Colour TV in Australia: Colouring our world

Broadcast curator Bronwyn Barnett continues her look at the arrival of colour TV in Australia 40 years ago, on 1 March 1975.
march 02 | nfsa.gov.au

Oz-NZ TV co-pro rounds out cast

Melina Vidler, Benson Jack Anthony, Rick Donald and Bridie Carter have joined Erik Thomson in 800 Words, a drama commissioned by the Seven Network and TVNZ.
march 02 | if.com.au

Wentworth back for a fourth season

Popular crime drama Wentworth will return for a fourth season, Foxtel and FremantleMedia Australia announced today... Season Three wrapped production in August, 2014, and will premiere on Foxtel's SoHo channel on Tuesday April 7
february 27 | if.com.au

Colour TV in Australia: Preparing for a revolution

1 March 2015 marks the 40th anniversary of the official commencement of colour television in Australia.
february 26 | nfsa.gov.au

Vale: Terry Gill

Veteran Australian actor Terry Gill, best known for decades of Australian film, TV and stage shows including The Flying Doctors, Prisoner, Blue Heelers, Carols by Candlelight and Crocodile Dundee, has died aged 74.
february 25 | www.tvtonight.com.au

The American Remake Of 'The Slap' Is Kind Of Terrible

Taking into account the nature of the plot and the fact that the novel was able to capture specific parts of Australian society and culture that hadn't been properly explored before, it's no surprise that the new Americanised series, which premiered last week on NBC, has received mixed reviews.
february 20 | junkee.com

Renewed: Love Child

Nine has confirmed a third season for its period drama series, Love Child. The renewal comes ahead of a second season premiere
february 23 | www.tvtonight.com.au

Kym Wilson returns to Oz to sell home and develop TV series

Former northern beaches actor Kym Wilson has come home for a while with a big to do list.
february 23 | www.dailytelegraph.com.au

The Feed explains Australian Scripted TV's Troubles

this clip from The Feed on SBS 2 will reinforce what you already knew, but it's a good dummy's guide to Australian content for the wider TV audience.
february 20 | www.tvtonight.com.au/

First US role for Patrick Brammall

Patrick Brammall will make his US screen debut in NBC's pilot Strange Calls, a remake of the Australian series created by Daley Pearson. The role won't be a stretch for the actor as he is reprising the character of the macho but not overly bright Sergeant Lloyd, whom he played in The Strange Calls.
february 19 | if.com.au

The sure-fire TV hit that failed

Channel 9 executives must be bunkered down in the trenches after the poor figures for Gallipoli last night.
february 17 | www.news.com.au

Kodi brings it all for the art of war

Acting runs in the family, but Gallipoli's Kodi Smit-McPhee is hoping to spread his talents further afield one day.
february 16 | www.tvtonight.com.au


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