Most Aussie actors, even on TV right now, struggle to make ends meet and live close to poverty

Away from the glamour of red carpets and photo shoots, the vast majority of working Australian actors struggle to make ends meet and one-in-four live below the poverty line.
august 03 | www.news.com.au

New Seven drama for Rebecca Gibney

Some good news for Seven today. Rebecca Gibney has a new drama series coming. Wanted (working title), an action-adventure drama from Matchbox Pictures, has received funding from Screen Australia.
august 04 | www.tvtonight.com.au

"Epic and Far Reaching": Australia's Marta Dusseldorp on the Post-War Drama A Place To Call Home

"So," I asked the woman with the Australian accent on the other end of the telephone line, "when did you find out your show has become a hit in the U.S.?" "When I got a call saying an American girl wanted to interview me!" she laughed.
july 30 | www.huffingtonpost.com

Marcus Graham, Claudia Karvan join Guy Pearce in Jack Irish

Claudia Karvan and Marcus Graham will star alongside Guy Pearce and Marta Dusseldorp in the ABC's upcoming Jack Irish series.
july 30 | www.mediaday.com.au

Green light for second season of Westside

The West clan is returning to our screens with a second season of Outrageous Fortune prequel Westside. NZ on Air announced on Tuesday that they will fund ten new episodes
july 29 | www.stuff.co.nz

Screen Australia rethinks investment in kids' drama

Screen Australia has foreshadowed a more stringent approach to investing in children's drama in light of the paltry viewing figures for programs aired on the commercial free-to-air networks' digital channels.
july 28 | if.com.au

Producers seek to curb Kiwi drama imports

Screen Producers Australia has renewed its call to prevent the Nine Network from using New Zealand dramas to fulfill its local drama quota.
july 27 | if.com.au

Netflix buys hit Australian comedy series Utopia from Working Dog

The Australian production company Working Dog has sold its critically acclaimed comedy series Utopia to the US streaming service Netflix. The deal effectively exposes the series to an audience of more 45 million viewers.
july 23 | www.theherald.com.au

Cate Blanchett to direct TV drama based on Cornelia Rau story

Cate Blanchett is to direct a TV drama about Cornelia Rau, the German-Australian woman found to have been illegally held at a detention centre a decade ago.
july 21 | www.smh.com.au

Television local content under review

Changes to Australian television content quotas hurried through by the former Labor government are being reviewed by the Abbott government amid complaints by the production industry that they have backfired.
july 20 | www.smh.com.au

Why Winners and Losers is more a political preview than a soap

Here's the big question for Virginia Gay, who has just finished filming the 100th episode of Winners and Losers: Is Winners and Losers a soap?
july 11 | www.smh.com.au

With ABC's 'Glitch', Australian TV finally gets genre right

Directed with sensitivity and grace by Emma Freeman — from a concept by Tony Ayres, and written by Louise Fox, Kris Mrksa and Giula Sandler — Glitch is beautiful television. The cast is terrific, hinting at a vibrant future for Australian television, as "fiilm actors" migrate to the smaller screen
july 09 | junkee.com

Cameras roll on Nowhere Boys movie

ABC3 series Nowhere Boys has started production in Melbourne on its 80-minute movie Nowhere Boys: The Book of Shadows.
july 07 | www.tvtonight.com.au

Vale Chris Thomson

Chris Thomson, one of the founding directors of the burgeoning New Zealand film and television industry in the 1960s, died in Sydney after a sudden stroke on July 1. He was 70. Born in Wellington, Thomson directed the first ever drama to air on New Zealand television... He also directed the first ever episode of A Country Practice in 1981.
july 02 | if.com.au

What lies beyond: Patrick Brammall and Rodger Corser headline supernatural thriller Glitch

Is it a paranormal drama? A small-town mystery with an Australian Gothic flavour? A high-concept genre piece? A supernatural tale of The Risen? Perhaps an exploration of our national history, a thriller, or a love story? Whatever you might choose to call Glitch - and those involved offer all of these descriptions - the six-part series is built on an inspired premise that's rich with possibility.
june 30 | if.com.au

Five drama commissions from ABC

ABC TV has confirmed new series of Janet King, Rake, Jack Irish, The Code and The Doctor Blake Mysteries.
june 30 | if.com.au

Foxtel to boost local production

Foxtel is boosting its commitment to local programming, announcing Tuesday in Canberra that it will double its investment in new scripted, factual, lifestyle and entertainment programming by 2018.
june 29 | www.mediaday.com.au

Glitch [review]

Whilst international television has been embracing horror and paranormal dramas... it's generally deemed a genre that requires a hefty budget. But Glitch demonstrates that it is still possible to unravel an intriguing tale without massive casts and expensive set pieces.
june 29 | www.tvtonight.com.au


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