Deborah Mailman: 'Cleverman' is Australian TV at its best and Australian politics at its worst

Next week, Cleverman will make its premiere on the ABC, offering up an exhilarating vision of what Australian TV can be.
may 23 | www.theguardian.com

'So complex, so real': why Rake is one of the best shows on Australian TV

I was once arrogant enough to believe that Rake was just another talky, smart-arse ABC drama replete with quirky characters, a courtroom setting and political commentary. Then I actually watched it. Properly. And dear Christ was I wrong.
may 19 | www.theguardian.com

Taking a shot at revenge

Anyone familiar with Wolf Creek and its sequel would expect a TV spin-off to be centred on the wisecracking, racist, unnervingly chipper serial killer Mick Taylor... Astutely, Wolf Creek creator Greg McLean... has shifted the focus away from Mick to a vengeance-seeking American youngster named Eve Thorogood, forcing John Jarratt to share the limelight with relative newcomer Lucy Fry.
may 18 | au.news.yahoo.com

Australian actor Jeremy Kewley jailed over child sex offences

Disgraced actor Jeremy Kewley... has been sentenced to 23 months jail and a three year community corrections order after pleading guilty to child sex offences.
may 17 | au.news.yahoo.com

The Katering Show is a much-needed parody of cooking shows

To describe The Katering Show merely as a cooking-show parody is like describing Nigella Lawson as some woman who knows how to boil an egg.
may 13 | www.theage.com.au

Wolf Creek [review]

A sexy brand: tick. International appeal: tick. Star cast: tick. All six episodes to binge: tick. Money on the screen: tick. If there's a box Wolf Creek hasn't got checked, it's hard to find here.
may 12 | www.tvtonight.com.au

Like its rogue anti-hero Cleaver Greene, Rake is the show that wouldn't die

When we last saw roguish criminal lawyer Cleaver Greene, at the end of the third season of Rake, he was hanging upside down from a rope attached to an out-of-control hot-air balloon sweeping over Sydney Harbour.
may 12 | www.theage.com.au

INTERVIEW: John Jarratt & Lucy Fry on Wolf Creek

Just when you thought it was safe to travel through the Aussie outback in a camper van or a beaten up Kombi van, Mick Taylor turns up with 'that' voice and 'that' laugh in a new six part series on SVOD service STAN
may 10 | decidertv.com

Vale: Scott Burgess

Actor Scott Burgess, best known for Water Rats and 1915... died earlier this month following a heart attack.
may 10 | www.tvtonight.com.au

Ben Mingay to star as Alan Bond in Nine's House of Bond

Packed to the Rafters star Ben Mingay will star in the title role of Alan Bond in House of Bond, the mini-series now in production for the Nine Network.
may 10 | www.mediaday.com.au

REVIEW: Wolf Creek the TV Series on Stan

Serial killer Mick Taylor (John Jarrett) is back for the TV version of the movies, but this is no cheap knock off of those truly terrifying flicks. And it's probably not what you'd expect either.
may 09 | decidertv.com

Australian Media Mogul Reg Grundy Dies Age 92

Australian media mogul Reg Grundy, the television producer behind Australian soap opera "Neighbors," has died aged 92.
may 09 | variety.com

Life behind bars at Wentworth

Tammy MacIntosh has starred in a raft of iconic Australian TV dramas but nothing could prepare her for the emotional trauma she would endure when she signed up for Foxtel's gritty prison drama Wentworth.
may 04 | au.news.yahoo.com

Meet the new-look Nowhere Boys (and one Nowhere Girl)

ABC3's Nowhere Boys is doing a Skins, refreshing its juvenile cast with a new batch of teens. 5 new principals, including the first 'Nowhere Girl', are now filming a new season in Melbourne, picking up the storyline where several years later.
may 05 | www.tvtonight.com.au

Outback horror classic: Has Mick Taylor met his match in Wolf Creek's TV offshoot?

Walking around the set of the new Wolf Creek TV series throws up many chilling reminders of the cold brutality of Mick Taylor, the cackling devil in the flannel shirt inhabited so definitively by John Jarratt.
may 04 | www.watoday.com.au

The Doctor Blake Mysteries returning for a fifth season

The ABC has commissioned a fifth season of its hugely popular — and number one rating locally produced drama — series, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, to air in 2017.
may 04 | www.mediaday.com.au

The Kettering Incident set for July 4 world premiere

The Kettering Incident, a gripping mystery with otherworldly overtones, will make its world premiere on July 4. Australian and international expectations for the series continue to build after the show won the Special Jury Prize at the Series Mania Festival in Paris last week.
may 03 | if.com.au

Offspring season 6: Ten announces new and returning cast

There's a potential new love interest for Nina Proudman as Network Ten announced several new cast members for season 6 of its popular relationship drama, Offspring.
april 29 | www.mediaday.com.au

Vale: Robert Greenberg

Screenwriter Robert Greenberg, best known for writing children's shows including Round the Twist, Get Ace and Lift Off has died, aged 57.
april 29 | www.tvtonight.com.au


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