A nostalgic trip back to the original Mother and Son, reflecting on why it was so good

The premise of Mother and Son is simple. Maggie, the slightly senile widow, and her son Arthur live together and must deal with everyday situations. Funny, right? Well, it doesn't sound like it would be — but it's hilarious. And with news of a reboot of the series with Matt Okine and Denise Scott in the starring roles, we thought we'd reflect on what made the original such a classic.
november 28 | www.msn.com

2023 Upfronts: ABC

Denise Scott & Matt Okine reboot Mother & Son plus Sydney World Pride, Leigh Sales returns, more Utopia, Newsreader and audio description on ABC iview in 2023.
november 24 | tvtonight.com.au

ZDF Studios and Werner Film Productions continue partnership on Surviving Summer

Surviving Summer, the hugely successful Australian drama that has become a global hit for Netflix, returns for another season... season 2 will see the cast return to the iconic beaches of the Great Ocean Road in Victoria (Wadawurrung Country), Australia for another 8 episodes.
november 22 | www.prensario.net

Renewed: Neighbours revived for 2023

Neighbours, and the much-loved residents of Ramsay Street, is returning in 2023 after Fremantle, the producers of the iconic Australian series, secured Amazon Freevee and Prime Video as their international partner.
november 17 | tvtonight.com.au

Obituary: Martin Vaughan

Actor Martin Vaughan, who played the lead role in the ABC mini-series Power Without Glory, has died at the age of 91.
november 11 | televisionau.com

Netflix Gives Second Season to Australia‘s ‘Heartbreak High’

Australian teen drama series Heartbreak High will return for Season 2 on streaming service Netflix.
october 19 | variety.com

I died in the original Heartbreak High. Now with the Netflix reboot, people are asking for my autograph in barber shops

Watching the new TV show sparked memories of a ’94 summer of group bonding, 6am pickups and the most positive acting experience I’ve ever had.
september 23 | www.theguardian.com

Netflix Brings Heartbreak High to a New Generation

Back in the 1990s, Australia’s equivalent of Riverdale, Degrassi or Euphoria was a little show called Heartbreak High. It was authentic, uniquely Australian and shot a lot of homegrown actors to stardom. Now Heartbreak High is planning to do it all again for a new generation with Netflix’s modern reboot of the classic series.
september 14 | www.lifehacker.com.au

Uncle Jack Charles, native actor and activist, dies at age 79

Indigenous actor, musician, artist and activist Uncle Jack Charles has died aged 79.
september 13 | windobi.com

Vale: Uncle Jack Charles

Revered First Nations actor, author and Victorian Aboriginal elder Uncle Jack Charles has died, aged 79.
september 13 | tvtonight.com.au

The fatal attraction of The Brokenwood Mysteries

The mystery as to why so many New Zealand actors are ready to die for a role on The Brokenwood Mysteries is solved.
september 01 | www.stuff.co.nz

Total Control S3, new SBS, Paramount+ titles in Screen Australia funding

A third season of Total Control on the way for ABC, plus new dramas for Paramount+, SBS and two returning Children's live action titles.
august 31 | tvtonight.com.au

Bluey was edited for American viewers, but global audiences deserve to see all of us

Beloved children’s program Bluey has received some backlash. Not due to the program, but to Disney’s decision to make edits to various episodes for the US market.
august 23 | thenewdaily.com.au

Obituary: Vince Gil

Vince Gil, Australian film and television actor and writer, has died at the age of 83. Although he is most remembered for his roles in films Mad Max and Stone, he was also a prolific actor on television.
august 23 | televisionau.com

Actor Marshall Napier, famous for roles in Came a Hot Friday and McLeod's Daughters, has died

The Wellington-born actor and playwright, who acted on stage and screen in Australia and New Zealand, died from brain cancer, aged 70. His daughter Jessica Napier, also an actor, confirmed his death in an Instagram post on Sunday night.
august 15 | stuff.co.nz


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