Cameras roll on Between Two Worlds

Filming is underway in Sydney on Seven’s next major drama series Between Two Worlds by writer Bevan Lee. The high concept thriller will be led by UK actor, Hermione Norris (Cold Feet, Spooks, Luther)
april 17 | tvtonight.com.au

Aussie Series 'Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries' to Get Chinese Remake

A Chinese production company has commissioned the first-ever Mandarin-language adaptation of an Australian TV series, with Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries set to be transposed to Shanghai in the 1930s with Yili Ma starring as the eponymous young, glamorous amateur sleuth.
april 16 | www.hollywoodreporter.com

Federal Government extends Offsets to streamers

The Federal Government today confirmed that Australian shows commissioned by Netflix, Stan and other streaming services and produced in Australia will qualify immediately for the Post, Digital and Visual Effects (PDV) and Location Offsets.
april 11 | www.if.com.au

Asher Keddie and Imogen Banks TV drama attracts Screen Aust funding

Screen Australia has announced over $600,000 of story development funding for seven feature films, four television dramas and five online series.
april 07 | mediaweek.com.au

Netflix won't tell Australian stories. We need the ABC for that, says Mark Scott

Australian stories are at risk of disappearing as local television drama is swamped by reality TV and Netflix, the former ABC managing director Mark Scott has warned.
april 07 | www.theguardian.com

Informer 3838: Nine confirms TV adaptation of Nicola Gobbo scandal

Nine has confirmed it has commissioned a new drama, Informer 3838, based on the life of gangland lawyer-turned-police informer Nicola Gobbo. The announcement comes four months after it was revealed that Screentime, the production company behind the hit series Underbelly, was interested in dramatising the scandal that has engulfed Victoria's justice system.
april 07 | www.smh.com.au

Chauvel Award winner Sigrid Thornton reflects on her career and returning to ‘SeaChange’

Sigrid Thornton will be presented with the Chauvel Award tonight at a screen industry gala event held as part of the Gold Coast Film Festival.
april 04 | www.if.com.au

IMDB and Wikipedia are wrong: Round The Twist did NOT premiere 30 years ago this April

A whole year off the mark, how is it that the internet has got it so wrong, and why can no one remember when this iconic program went to air? It’s because in Australia, Round The Twist was buried. Here’s the story behind it.
march 21 | blog-actf.com.au

Louisa Mignone’s loving playing the man

It’s been a jam-packed year for Louisa Mignone, but she’s most proud of stamping her mark on The Club
march 30 | www.perthnow.com.au

‘One for the history books’: ABC’s Get Krack!n bows out with a bang

The tag 'must-watch TV' gets bandied about for any second-rate reality TV episode, but on Wednesday night ABC show Get Krack!n gave Australian TV its most searing half-hour in living memory.
march 28 | www.smh.com.au

The Heights is the Mum's Roast of Aussie TV

Our Gen Y reviewer is disarmed by this soap's nostalgia, yet finds it the most refreshing depiction of Australian life currently on TV.
march 28 | www.artshub.com.au

The Show That Shaped Me: The Girl From Tomorrow

When a gripping Australian sci-fi show turned up in the hallowed Grange Hill slot, the Damilola, Our Loved Boy writer put away his toys to dream of writing
march 25 | www.broadcastnow.co.uk

SeaChange star Tom Long has ‘months to live’

Former SeaChange star Tom Long has revealed he’s dying from terminal blood cancer, having been given a prognosis of just three months to live back in December 2018.
march 25 | www.dailytelegraph.com.au

The Heights - at last, a credible Australian working-class soap

The ABC's new soap opera The Heights is a nuanced representation of the diversity and community of life on a social housing estate.
march 05 | theconversation.com

Cameras roll on Itch for ABC ME

Filming is underway in Albany, Western Australia, on Itch — a new live-action series for ABC ME.
february 25 | tvtonight.com.au

The Heights and sassy schoolgirl Sabine, brought to life with 'authentic' casting

Bridie McKim was in her first year at Brisbane's Mount St Michael's College when a teacher took her aside after drama class and told her she showed promise.
february 22 | www.abc.net.au


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