‘Safe Harbour’, ‘Wrong Kind of Black’ and ‘The Cry’ up for International Emmy Awards

Matchbox Pictures’ Safe Harbour, Princess Pictures’ Wrong Kind of Black and Synchronicity Films/December Media’s The Cry have received nominations for International Emmy Awards.
september 20 | www.if.com.au

Make It Australian: Screen creatives call for action on local content

Leading Australian actors, directors, crew, writers and producers are in Canberra this week in a united push to convince Parliament to introduce local content requirements for booming digital viewing platforms
september 18 | www.mediaweek.com.au

From depression and dole to Silver Logie-winning hit TV series

With terrifying honesty, writer and star Scott Ryan talks about his hard-won success with Mr Inbetween
september 06 | www.theage.com.au

Neighbours gets new Digital Spin-Off series to focus on teen issues

The new 5-part special series titled Neighbours: Erinsborough High, will focus on the school setting and explore issues such as bullying, mental illness, sexuality, cultural diversity, and parental and peer pressure.
september 06 | tvblackbox.com.au

Cult Australian drama Glitch is ready to rest in peace

The final season of Glitch promises answers to the puzzle that has confounded viewers and the main players of this complex tale that challenges notions of the afterlife, of accountability, atonement and reconciliation.
august 19 | www.watoday.com.au

“Do you understand what you’ve got?”

Actor John Howard, who has reprised his role as the raucous Bob Jelly in Nine’s SeaChange revival, says the show should never have been axed.
august 19 | tvtonight.com.au

ABC renews ‘The Heights’, providing another springboard for new talent

Backed by Screen Australia, the second season of the ABC’s ground-breaking drama serial The Heights will start shooting in Perth on August 26, providing more opportunities for emerging directors, writers and actors.
august 19 | www.if.com.au

Fat Pizza back in business for 7mate

Paul Fenech cult comedy Fat Pizza has been revived for a new season on 7mate. Previously screening on SBS, the knockabout series about the perils of life as a pizza delivery guy enjoyed six seasons and two feature films. It also brazenly indulged in political incorrectness, with Fenech signalling more to come.
august 16 | tvtonight.com.au

Lucy Lawless on Her New Series My Life is Murder and Fitting Into her Xena: Warrior Princess Costume for the 25th Anniversary

As a self-professed lover of true crime, it was a no brainer when Lucy Lawless was asked to star in the crime drama My Life is Murder
august 05 | parade.com

Powerful themes take hold in SBS miniseries The Hunting

When quietly determined student Amandip shares an intimate photo with her high-school crush Nassim, little does she know how easily the image can end up in the wrong hands.…
july 31 | thewest.com.au

Wentworth season finale explained!

Series EP Jo Porter talks us through the events of this season’s sensational finale, what’s ahead for the show’s final 20 episodes — and that amazing final scene…
july 30 | www.nowtolove.com.au

Network 10 launches animated spin-off to ‘My Life Is Murder’

Network 10 will launch an animated spin-off to CJZ’s My Life Is Murder tomorrow on 10 Play, My Name Is Captain Thunderbolt (Sometimes). The six-episode series is based on a cat named Captain Thunderbolt, who wanders into the apartment of Alexa Crow
july 23 | www.if.com.au

It’s Not Just Us

Comedy is not supposed to travel well... But two can’t-miss series from abroad demonstrate that comedy isn’t always lost in translation from one language or culture to another.
july 19 | www.commonwealmagazine.org


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