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And the Loser is…

Episode 1.07
Written by Angus FitzSimons & Kevin Brumpton
Directed by Kimble Rendall

Logies night. The Jesters (and Steve) have been nominated for team and individual awards, and Michael doesn't like it.

Everyone believes that The Jesters might try a publicity stunt at the Logies.

And Dave is not enthused to be presenting the Hall of Fame award to a critic rival. He also tapes a new pilot in the form of a chat show.


  • Mick Molloy as Dave
  • Emily Taheny as Kat
  • Ben Gurens as Steve
  • Christian Barratt-Hill as Michael
  • Andy Ryan as Zak
  • Travis Cotton as Tony
  • Adam Ray as Martin (Director)
  • Susie Porter as Julia
  • Deborah Kennedy as Di
  • Steve Vizard as Himself
  • Mark Mitchell as Himself
  • Phillip Adams as Himself
  • Melanie Vallejo as Mel
  • Phillip Dodd as Bill
  • Joel Slack-Smith as Roadie #1
  • Aaron Sloss as Roadie #2
  • Angus Fitzsimons as Voice