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All Nighter

Episode 1.05
Written by Angus FitzSimons & Kevin Brumpton
Directed by Kimble Rendall

Dave makes the team work overnight to deliver a script on time. Michael spends the night prepping to appear on The Einstein Factor.

Zak is in scrutiny with the US Government after sneaking in some conspiracy theories in "The Jester's" newscrawl.

And Dave finds out that Steve tries to persuade Di to become his agent, asking for a larger payrise to start with.


  • Mick Molloy as Dave
  • Emily Taheny as Kat
  • Ben Gurens as Steve
  • Christian Barratt-Hill as Michael
  • Andy Ryan as Zak
  • Travis Cotton as Tony
  • Adam Ray as Martin (Director)
  • Susie Porter as Julia
  • Deborah Kennedy as Di
  • Nicholas Hammond as Agent Smith
  • Dr Barry Jones as Himself
  • Helen O'Connor as Bonnie Harding
  • Edwina Bishop as TV Producer
  • Tanya Jackson as Make-up Girl