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Breakfast Clubbed

Episode 1.03
Written by Angus FitzSimons & Kevin Brumpton
Directed by Kimble Rendall

Steve and Zak take on the fill-in breakfast show on FM radio against Dave and Kat's guidance.

Michael finds out that comedy can get you into hot waters when he tries to organise a competition through "The Jesters" on finding which religion is the ultimate One True Religion. Essentially, various religious leaders chime in to say otherwise.

Tony's success from his hit comedy song brings him misery.


  • Mick Molloy as Dave
  • Emily Taheny as Kat
  • Ben Gurens as Steve
  • Christian Barratt-Hill as Michael
  • Andy Ryan as Zak
  • Travis Cotton as Tony
  • Adam Ray as Martin (Director)
  • Susie Porter as Julia
  • Deborah Kennedy as Di
  • Kate Ceberano as Herself
  • Ewan Campbell as Warm Up Guy
  • Layla Estasy as Humming Girl
  • Clint Paddison as A & R Guy
  • Anthony Yeo as Buddha
  • Yuni Yau as Buddist Monk
  • Furo Allison as Female Idol Judge
  • Dave Gibson as Radio Voice