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The Female Voice

Episode 1.02
Written by Angus FitzSimons & Kevin Brumpton
Directed by Kimble Rendall

Dave insists of the hiring of a female comedy writer to add to "The Jesters" as they come across boyish. But the new femme fatale provides nothing close to her gender.

Zak tries to mimic that of Dave's positive story planted in a gossip paper by trying to drop his own little blurbs in the newspaper.

Michael insists on ridding the warm up comedian and taking over the role himself.

And Dave is offered a role on the new Pixar film in Australia — A talking banana.


  • Mick Molloy as Dave
  • Emily Taheny as Kat
  • Ben Gurens as Steve
  • Christian Barratt-Hill as Michael
  • Andy Ryan as Zak
  • Travis Cotton as Tony
  • Adam Ray as Martin (Director)
  • Susie Porter as Julia
  • Deborah Kennedy as Di
  • Barry Otto as Himself
  • Helen O'Leary as Jill
  • Ewan Campbell as Warm-Up Guy
  • Angus Fitzsimons as Voice
  • Dave Gibson as Voice