Horace and Tina: cast

HORACE as himself (a 243 year old Nelf)

Horace is probably best known for his 'Snow Dome' design fifty years ago, when he used to lead the Nelfs as Santa's Chief Toy Designer. His career has since taken a turn for the worst, as he has fallen to the position of Assistant Present Packer.

To try and regain his position as No. 1 toymaker, Horace jumped from Santa's sleigh to see how the children of today play with their toys. His career aims are to create the best and most popular toy of all time. Horace wasn't really expecting his sister Tina to follow him, or that they would end up in Lauren's room and her life. The whole situation doesn't help his already short temper, not to mention the fact that Sherlock, the family dog, can also see Nelfs. This could cause all sorts of problems, especially as Horace's favourite meal is Sherlock's dog food—beef and kidney chunks in gravy!

TINA as herself (a 271 year old Nelf)

Tina holds the very important position of being Santa's right-hand Nelf. Her knowledge of people means that both presents and children are equally matched up. Deciphering whether a child has been naughty or nice makes Tina a great judge of character. But since she impulsively followed Horace from the sleigh, Tina has started to turn her attentions towards Lauren's life. With so many years of experience behind her Tina has a lot of advice for Lauren, and if she doesn't put it into practise then Tina will just have to do it for her! This is fun for Tina, especially since it's her first holiday in about 150 years, but with Horace around she has her work cut out for her.

JASMINE ELLIS plays Lauren Parker

Despite her young age, 13 year old Jasmine has had extensive experience in film and television. From Ontario, Canada, Jasmine has played the lead roles in both LIDDY IN THE CLOSET and ANGELA ANACONDA. She has also had theatre experience, including three years with the Theatre Orangeville Younger Company and their Singers Choir. Jasmine, with her mother and younger sister, has moved to Melbourne Australia in order to star in the series.

JORDAN WHITE plays Max Tate (Lauren's stepbrother)

Jordan's talents in theatre range from playing young Peter in THE BOY FROM OZ at the Princess Theatre, Melbourne to five Annual Performing Arts Concerts with Centrestage at the National Theatre in Darebin. Jordan's television credits include 1999 CAROLS BY CANDLELIGHT, and INTRODUCING GARY PETTY.

CAROLYN BOCK plays Kimberly Tate (Lauren's mother)

Carolyn graduated from the Victorian College of Arts, School of Dance, and has since built an impressive list of film, television and theatre credits. These include the films DIAMONDBACK (1999), TALK ABOUT LOVE (1997) and ZONE 39 (1996). In television Carolyn has been a regular in BLUE HEELERS and NEIGHBOURS, as well as STINGERS (1999), HALIFAX (1997) and OCEAN GIRL (1995/6). Carolyn's theatre credits include TWELFTH NIGHT (1998), UNDER THE DOCK & OVER THE HILL (1997), ARE YOU EVIL TONIGHT (1997) and VEGETABLE MAGNETISM at the Comedy Festival in 1997. In the same year Carolyn received a Green Room Award Nomination.

MATTHEW PARKINSON plays Steve Tate (Max's father, Lauren's stepfather)

Matthew has an extensive list of television, film and theatre credits. His professional career began in Perth at the Hole in the Wall Theatre Company where he appeared in HAMLET, THE CHERRY ORCHARD, and the title role in Ben Johnson's THE ALCHEMIST. More recently his theatre credits include THE RESISTIBLE RISE OF ARTURO UI and THE COMEDY OF ERRORS with the Melbourne Theatre Company.

Matthew's first film role was as Lurch in WINDRIDER (1985) for Barron Films, and later he starred opposite Joan Sydney and Martin Vaughn in the teledrama SISTERLY LOVE for ABC television. Later in Melbourne, he formed the other half of the comedy duo EMPTY POCKETS (1987). In 1988 they won the inaugural Moosehead Award for new talent, and found themselves appearing on nationwide television in THE BIG GIG. Matthew is also instantly recognisable for the award-winning television commercial for Toyota. His more recent films credits include BABE II (1998) and A CHRISTMAS STORY.

On top of his several years of professional performing and writing experience, Matthew has starred in many television shows including, LIFT OFF (ABC TV), THE CRASH ZONE (Australian Children's Television Foundation), A COUNTRY PRACTISE (JNP Films) and THE ADVENTURES OF CHUCK FINN (Barron Television Ltd).

TERRY NORRIS plays Ern Watson (Lachlan's grandfather)

Terry Norris is one of Australia's most prominent television actors, having enjoyed a career spanning over four decades. Originally wanting to be a boilermaker, Terry fell into acting, and began his career as a back stage worker in the Tivoli Theatre in Victoria. Since 1962 he has had the longest run of continuous work in Australian television, starring in the high rating television series Cop Shop and Bellbird.

In the early 1980s, Terry opted for a change of career and was elected into State Government. From 1982 to 1992, he was the member for Dandenong, Victoria. Whilst a Member of Parliament, he also became Deputy Speaker and Chairman of Committees.

Since returning to his acting career in 1992, Terry has starred in LUCKY BREAK (1994—also known as PAPERBACK ROMANCE for its US release in 1997), ROAD TO NHILL (1997) and BOWL ME OVER (2000). Terry's talents have won him both Logie and Penguin awards. He is soon to be seen starring in the forthcoming film by Paul Cox, INNOCENCE (2000).

HANNAH GREENWOOD plays Annabel Delaney (Lauren's best friend)

Hannah has been involved with modelling, singing and numerous voice-overs. She attended drama classes at the Australian College of Dramatic Arts and the Victorian Youth Theatre. Her television work includes HIGH FLYERS (1999), STINGERS (1998) and STATE CORONER (1998).