Produced by Burberry Productions Pty Ltd

Executive Producers: Ewan Burnett
Producer: Alan Hardy
Writer: David McRobbie
Directors: Adrian Holmes, Jean-Pierre Mignon, Declan Eames, Elise McCredie, David Cameron

Airing: Jan 02, 2004… (Ten, BBC)

This 26 part comedy series features teenager Fergus McPhail (and his irrationally optimistic alter-ego), stumbling from crisis to crisis mostly of their own making. The stories cover a year in his life, showcasing Fergus at home with his erratic family, at school among friends, at play and sometimes, having a win in the steeplechase of adolescence.
Sean OhlendorfFergus McPhail
Michael HarrisonLambert Apanolty
Brett SwainDad
Tammy McCarthyMum
Jessie JacobsJennifer McPhail
Miriam GlaserSenga McPhail
Heli SimpsonSophie Bartoli
Megan HarringtonAngela Dayton
Marcus CostelloRichmond Nixon Claverhouse
Steven BahnsenDeclan Parker
Nicholas TurnerKevin
Martin SharpDavid
John WilliamsThomas
Fergus and friends

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