(aka Rock 'n' Roll Daddy)

Produced by Telltale Films

Created by: Philip Dalkin, John Powditch, and Pino Amenta
Executive Producer: Kris Noble
Producers: Alan Hardy and Kris Noble

Aired: 1991 – 1993 (101 x 30 min)

One-time Rock 'n' Roll star Bobby Rivers discovers he has fifteen-year-old twins when his former lover dies in a plane crash. They and Tracey, the woman who looked after them when their mother was traveling the world, move in with him, but have problems with his way of life; it's the 70s against the 90s!
Jon EnglishBobby Rivers
Rebecca GibneyTracey Lawson
Garry WhoDoug Stevens
Jane HallAnna Sumner
Steven JacobsThomas Sumner
Bruno LuciaWayne Lovett
Kerry ArmstrongBeth Sumner
Cast Photo

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